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The Last Ship 1x02 + The Walking Dead 4x16 + Reign 1x09 Reviewed

Welcome To Gitmo
Rachel’s rat faced assistant Quince is a mole. The USS Nathan James arrives at Gitmo. The opening credits debut, they’re not impressive. A hot trainer named Danny is psychologically damaged. There is a homage to Radio Free Earth from ‘World War Z’. Sap flies. Rachel prevaricates and won‘t wear a bra and shows off her bones. Who mutated the virus? Who knows? The XO growls. Exposition and chattering neurosis flies. There is a ’Doom’ homage. Quince sneaks and lies. This ep was moribund. They loot more food and fuel. IEDs and hostile reel bad Arabs have to be dealt with. Chandler encounters Tex Nolan the sole surviving Gitmo guard who has impolite agitation. There are gun fights, injuries, a terrible CGI explosion, death and I wonder if I should have watched ‘Helix’ instead. Tex joins the USS Nathan James and another ship shows up.

Best Lines:
“Too much?”
“Just enough.”

“You do not puke in your mask.”

“Hostiles operating on base!”

“Find me a target.”

“Revenge is best served cold.”
“Let’s eat.”


Rick lets a man be eaten by walkers and I have an aversion to Rick. So does Jeff Kober’s gang who finally catch up with Rick. After some endless talk, Rick has a rage blackout and kills Jeff Kober’s gang. Rick and his rampant paranoia sneaks into Terminus with a gun and he gets violent and ruins everything. What is Terminus? Why is Denise Crosby guest starring as a lunch lady? There is further denigration of sense as the gang of fools are reunited and Rick makes empty threats. This was ridiculous with useless flashbacks.

Best Lines:
“Teach him all the way.”

“We don’t know who they are.”

“The fences were down.”

“We first, always.”

“Now the archer, now the samurai.”

For King And Country
Henri wants rid of Catherine. Bash and Mary run but are found and dragged back. Mary shows off her family tendency to lunacy as she concocts a plot to make Bash the King of France and her husband. Francis is a moron and has burning indignation. There is more foreshadowing of Mary’s fate and that of Francis and his brothers. Henri threatens Bash and his unwanted wife. There was no stracheyan iconoclasm or circumlocution here. Nostradamus growls and is stabbed. Mary’s stupid plotting shows why it can be said of her that obscurity has not been her lot. Catherine’s plotting and life unravels. This was all so illogical.

Best Lines:

“I grow weary of your threats.”
“I grew weary of you a decade ago.”

“Before they pop out an heir.”

“Bury them deep.”

“You said your vows in a cowshed.”

“Without power, I am vulnerable.”

“Power is always fleeting.”
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