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The 100 1x11 Reviewed

The Cairn
Raven plans landmines, Bellamy plans genocide and Clarke is exhaustively awful. The Ark is damaged and Kane must be the hero to save those still alive on the damaged station. The moronic 100 incinerate their food through obstinacy. Raven roars her bleeding head off. Nobody has any discernable taste. The costume designers are paid money to make the cast look homeless? Clarke, some random named Myles and the deeply stupid Finn head into the woods and whilst prancing around said woods are ambushed by Grounders. Just when interest was declining, this was okay.

Clarke is told to heal an injured Grounder named Tris. Grounders Anya (Dichen Lachman) and some dude (Steve Bacic) loom and are reproachful. Raven is an ignorant smug bitch and shags Bellamy. The concept of blood types does not seem to exist in this future. Clarke is sour and murderous. Abby’s not dead, Monty vanishes and a mysterious radio signal hints at a far bigger picture the 100 are too stupid to notice.

Best Lines:
“Grounder pounder.”

“There could be others.”

“We’re the ones being hunted.”

“What is wrong with you people?”
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