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Why did they axe 'Traveler'?

Why did they axe 'Jericho'?

Dear former houseguests: Thank you so much for leaving your overflowing trash beside your trashcan for me to clear up. Thank you for leaving your dirty laundry in a pile for me to deal with. Thank you for spilling a drink on the capet leaving an unremovable stain and not cleaning it up despite the fact you know where we keep the carpet cleaner. Thank you for leaving stacks of newspapers everywhere and playing your radio at top volume. FYI that stuff you put on your hair reeks, stop doing that. BTW wash your own damn dishes. Why are you incapable of recycling?

Why is 'Bonekickers' so awful?

Why don't MTV play music videos anymore?

Why have Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child's novels become so bad? Why are they so obsessed with their Mary-Sue character Agent Prendergast?

Why is 'Traveler' not on DVD?
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