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Trailers, Quotes and a 1996 Tape Tale

‘Stalker’ promo
Maggie Q and the talent-void Dylan McDermott star as cops who investigate stalking cases. This looks good and creepy and are they hinting Maggie Q’s character is either a stalking victim or a stalker herself?

Best Lines:
“Anyone can be a stalker. Anyone can be a victim.”

“I watched ‘Fatal Attraction’, ‘Cape Fear’, ‘Swimfan’.”

“She has a clear shower curtain so no-one can hide behind it. She sleeps on the left side of the bed facing the door to watch for a shadow.”

“This guy thinks he owns me.”

“Believe me I know.”

“It’s a secret viewing room.”

“Stalking a stalker?”

“Punk ass little twit.”

“They’ll believe me, they always do.”

‘Supernatural’ season 10 promo
Crowley and demon Dean team up. Stupid annoying Sam does heavy breathing. Castiel is ever useless. Dean kicks Sam’s ass and sings. Looks amusing.

Best Lines:
“I don’t want to be fixed.”

“Did he say anything?”
“Where’s the porn?”

“He’s not your brother.”

I am reading ‘The Dark Blood’.

I won’t review ‘Resistance’ after all.

I will review ‘Safe House, ‘State of Play’ and ‘Into The Wild’.

Gillian Anderson is a regular in season 3 ‘Hannibal’? I could care less.

Reed Diamond in ‘Agents of SHIELD’ season 2? Yay!

They’re rebooting ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’?!?!?

‘Saved By The Bell’ Quote:
“I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so scared!”

‘Glee’ Quotes:
“I thought we were friends.”
“That got boring.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Did you say she couldn’t even tell her family she was pregnant?”

“Is this man going to kill you?”

“Putting a lock on their bedroom door to keep her out.”

“Her father is a sick and manipulative egotistical maniac.”

“She has problems functioning.”

“I’m going to war with a butter knife.”

“I’m one of the bad people.”

“Not Allowed To Be Your Friend list.”

“These destructive people!”

“Put a good beating on him.”

‘The Dark Blood’ Quotes:
“Catering for people who had been thrown out of most other places.”

“He hadn’t tried the stew usefully advertised as cheap and brown.”

‘Glue’ Quote:
“You trust them?”

Cleared out a 1996 (approx) tape. It began with an ‘American Gothic’ ep ‘Echo Of Your Last Goodbye’ in which Ben is dubiously regarded. The new doctor bores. Gail and Lucas screw. Caleb is abhorrent. This was an episode of utter vacuity with Merlyn being laughably portentous.

Best Lines:
“Have plague, will travel.”

“Cheating is such a judgemental term.”

Then came a season 3 ‘Babylon 5’ ep ‘Voices of Authority’ which is pretentious with haranguing dialogue and calamitously bad acting. A Night Watch official shows up to be slut shamed. Sheridan has caprice and is fond of incendiary dialogue. JMS obviously doesn’t understand women. There was bad SFX and this was hoary.

Best Line:
“I think you’re about to go where everyone has gone before.”

Then came another ‘American Gothic’ ep ‘Rebirth’ which had one off special opening credits. Caleb is intemperate. The whining Merlyn falls for a biker (Danny Masterson of ‘That 70’ Show’) and nearly kills the unborn baby of the gust star of the week (Amy Steel of ‘April Fool’s Day’) so she can become corporeal and live. Merlyn is just another Trinity moral degenerate who dresses grunge style and wears red lipstick whilst ’alive’. This irks and was unpleasant.

Then came the season 1 ’Babylon 5’ finale ’Chrysalis’ in which Londo makes incessant demands in dissolute fashion. Sinclair (the late Michael O’Hare) tries to stop bad things from happening. Mordon looms assiduously whilst having ’Jersey Shore’ hair. Delenn finally finishes building her crystal ornament thingy and its purpose is revealed. What happened to the giant insect crime lord? Garibaldi is shot, the Earth Alliance president is killed, there is bad SFX and this was dull with a tasteless JFK/LBJ homage.

Best Line:
“Station Io is dispatching hospital ships but it doesn’t seem possible that anyone could have survived.”

Finally there was a ’Xena Warrior Princess’ ep ’A Solstice Carol’ in which solstice is called off by a miser king and an orphanage is in peril. So Xena and her sidekick are pugnacious in teaching the miser the true meaning of solstice. This has incongruously idiot comedy, dumb fight scenes, blatant Christian iconography, a man dressed as Santa, an improbable rendering of Jingle  Bells and a donkey being given to a couple with a newborn baby as a star blazes in the sky.


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