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Book Review: Living With Ghosts

Living With Ghosts by Kari Sperring

This is a lush lyrical fantasy tale. It's a dark tale of ghosts, intrigue, magic, politics and death. Merafi is an ancient city protected by ancient magic. Now two people whose ambition matches their cruelty have shattered the ancient protections. Now death and rot begins to consume the city. Two very citizens of Merafi now have roles to play in the coming dark times.

Gracielis is an exile from his homeland, hiding his powers and bedding the rich and the bored to pay his way. Love and power are about to come to him in a most unexpected way. Thiercelin is a nobleman who married the sister of his dead best friend, she neglects and overlooks him and his heartache leads him on an unexpected path.

This was a wonderful read. Rich and dark like good chocolate.
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