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Wiseguy (1987 - 1990) 1x13 + Devious Maids 1x08 Reviewed

Fascination For The Flame
The show is in the Mel Profitt arc as undercover OCB agent Vinnie (Ken Wahl and his unibrow) infiltrate the gun and drug running company run by Mel (Kevin Spacey) and Susan Profitt. The bipolar drug addicted Mel causes a scene at a colleague’s wedding by claming the bride is an undercover CIA agent prompting his colleague to send a death squad after him. Vinnie has to save the Profitt’s which isn’t easy as Mel goes into a tantruming screaming meltdown. The colleague and his bride die and it turns out the bride was an undercover CIA agent.

‘Wiseguy’ was an over hyped drama full of urban paranoia, overdone bad acting, cavernous lapses in logic and even Kevin Spacey as an arms dealer who shags his sister couldn’t save it. The Profitts were dumped in a dumpster as infants, were adopted and killed their adoptive brother when he caught onto their relationship. They did time in Youth Offenders Camp and when they got out built an empire inspired by Malthus. As you do. Ken Wahl and his mullet and open mouth acting is a non-entity in his own show.

Best Lines:
“It was nothing! It was worth it!”

“Everything is choices darling.”

“Does she seem authentic?”

“A half dead soulless killer who sleeps with his eyes open.”

“Tell them to stick it!”

“I will take your skin off.”

“Mel’s gone wacko.”

Minding The Baby
Genevieve tries to ensnare her 7th husband and wanders around in skirts up to her bottom. Carmen is trash, Odessa is disarmed as she reveals her past, Rosie sneaks around the Powell’s bordello like house and Zoila is an indefatigable well of unattractiveness. Taylor wants a baby and she and Marisol mock Olivia, you know the woman whose marriage Taylor destroyed. Carmen and Odessa’s boss is an ass and fails to notice Odessa is in a bad way. Rosie is a moron and a strange request is made. This was dull.

Best Lines:
“I told him I was 39.”

“I am so thoughtful.”

“I landed on her shoe.”

“Go to the door next to the Picasso and if you’re unfamiliar with analytic cubism, follow the sound of my voice!”

“I’m wearing silk and you are moist!”

“That slut he’s married to.”

“The woman appears topless in every film she does, I’m not sure she’s in a position to judge me.”
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