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Movie Reviews: Consenting Adults + Twister

Consenting Adults (1992)
Richard (Kevin Kline) is a bored ad jingle composer who is also an innately unintelligent haitotic who lives in suburbia with wife Priscilla (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) who he regards as a raucous harridan. They have a daughter, Lori, but she is roundly ignored by everyone. A couple moved in next door, the bleach blonde Eddy (Kevin Spacey) forcibly befriends Richard and Richard pervs over Eddy’s wife Kay. Richard is so busy perving he overlooks Eddy’s obvious creepiness and dubiousness. It is not explained how any of these people afford their upper middle class lives.

Richard has a rapport with Kay. Nobody closes their curtains so Richard likes to stare at Kay in the bath. Foreshadowing falls from the sky in unceasing thunderbolts - no-one notices how Eddy is consciously and purposefully setting events in motion. Richard is ungrateful, dissatisfied, kind of characterless and offensively stupid even as Eddy indulges in insurance fraud and Kay is wistful. You feel nothing for Richard as he lacks all sagacity especially when Eddy proposes a night of wife swapping.

Richard has no emotional reluctance or contrition and he’s a quarrelsome acrimonious cantankerous ass. Eddy wears a Santa hat and his quiet mumbled conversations hide sour words. Everyone wears unflattering, ill-fitting attire. But one dark night Richard creeps into Eddy’s infernal dwelling and in the morning things get murkier and accusatory due to a twist.

Richard’s locked up and takes no responsibility. Priscilla wants a divorce. A PI looms. Richard sets out to prove his innocence via wrongfully accused insurance and deep hatred. He’s not incensed at his own stupidity and berates others. There is a twist and then another and then another. A cassette tape plays a plot point, Eddy is a total raving psychopath, people shout down huge mobile phones, the soundtrack is overblown and Eddy wields an Uzi. This was good with irony, Eddy being diabolical and an amusing final scene. Though you get the hint the studio cut chunks out.

Best Lines:
“We get caught up in a riot. I swear to god, a riot.”

“You are insane Eddy.”

“This is how you die.”

“The closest he could have been to his wife at the time she was killed was somewhere in the middle of the Chattahoochee National Forest.”

“Of course he killed her.”

“Get my gun, then call the police.”

“A broad in some club in Five Points sounds like some broad who got snuffed in Huntcliffe according to you, the accused snuffer.”

“Oh that poor sick bastard.”

“Oh yes he’s here.”

“He’s in the house right now.”

“Why? Because I wanted him to.”

Twister (1996)
A storm chasing estranged couple (Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton) indulge in perpetually ebullient gormlessness as they sport 90s hair and attire whilst being emotionally dishonest dunderheads. A lummox named Dusty (Philip Seymour Hoffman) trails along in their wake. The dude from ‘Men In Tights’ and ‘Saw’ is an odious cretin. A cow flies around. Helen Hunt’s character is clammy and mildly repellent and Bill Paxton’s is a drab little man. This was drivel with no emotional articulation but it had lots of swirly things.

Best Lines:
“The suck zone!”

“Who are these people?”
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