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The 100 1x10 Reviewed

I Am Become Death
Raven dumps Finn - like anyone cares. Jasper is an ass. Murphy returns carrying a bio weapon. Raven is all war mongering impertinence. If the 100 weren’t so disproportionately vile, this wouldn’t be happening. Murphy is a nutter. Whiny Raven builds a bomb. Octavia won’t run off with Lincoln. There is a mention of the Mountain Men. Monty is wallpaper. The ruins of the Exodus Ship are poked around. The Grounders come. Nobody is quiet and discreet. The Grounders are right to be irate. Raven blows up a bridge. The 100 or what is left of them are all so stupid. This was dull.

Best Lines:
“You and me are going to have problems.”

“There is so much you don’t understand.”

“Why don’t you ask your new friends?”

“You’ll die here.”

“Sick is better than dead.”
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