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Doctor Who 8x03 + Reign 1x07 + The Walking Dead 4x14 Reviewed

Robot Of Sherwood
Clara wants to meet Robin Hood. So she and the Doctor end up in Sherwood Forest and meet Robin Hood (Tom Riley of ‘Da Vinci‘s Demons‘) who is magnificently annoying. The Sheriff of Nottingham (Ben Miller) is evil and plotting  but no Alan Rickman. The Merry Men (Will, Friar Tuck, Alan-a-Dale and Little John) prance and Maid Marian is temporarily indisposed. Clara runs around in a red dress as every Robin Hood trope is trotted out. Robin delegates all sense. Robots attack and there is a gruesome end for the Sheriff, a happy ever after, things get all metafiction and this was good.

Best Lines:
“The Ice Warrior Hives!”

“1190 AD-ish.”

“You bony rascal!”

“A lardy lack wit like you.”

“Shut up hoody!”

“Robot killer knights.”

“Desiccated man crone.”

“Thank you Prince Of Thieves.”

“They’re strangers to vegetables.”

“This peasant unit.”

“You’re the revolting one around here.”

“Who will rid me of this turbulent Doctor?”

Left Behind
Henri and his soldiers ride off via bad green screen to deal with a peasant’s revolt. Some Italians show up and take over the castle. Francis is a prat. Mary whines. A Lady In Waiting continues her flirtation with he kitchen boy. Diane wants Bash to be the heir. Mary and Catherine plot to save the hostages. Mary kills a man with a fork. Bash has an unwelcome realisation. This had the potential to be good if not for the dourness and utter rottenness TPTB unleashed lest quality prevail.

Best Lines:
“Why aren’t you killing me?”

“Men in the castle. Bad men.”

“Medici bitch!”

“We’re his favourites because we never ask him for anything.”

“You are a complication of Henri’s lust that they endure.”

The Grove
Carol scowls and goes on a stealth polemic. Nobody is in great emotional shape. The ghastly Lizzie whines and is a strange turbulent child. Carol does diminutions of her ghastly behaviour and fails to realise how deep Lizzie’s problems and emotional connections with the walkers goes. There is bad acting. Carol and co plan to stay at a pecan farm until Lizzie finally shows how deep her psychosis goes. This leads to atrocities all round. This tried hard but was decrepit.

Best Lines:
“I can run I’m good at that.”

“They probably weren’t like that before.”

“Things get bad.”

“Whole world is haunted now.”

“Don’t worry she’ll come back."
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