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Book Review: Spirit Bound

Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead
The 5th in the ‘Vampire Academy’ series sees Rose do more stupid things to save her lover Dmitri. He may be a crazy evil Stigoi but she is deeply affectionate for him despite hooking up with the disputous Adrian. Rose does dumb things sublimating all common sense. Dmitri is cured of being a Strigoi in an ass-pull sap extravaganza. Moroi plot, there is a murder, people are repellent, false and opportunistic, there is ridiculous padding and plot complications. This book deserves denigrating.

Best Lines:
“Upset him? Upset him?”

“How dare you and your impure blood invade the sanctity of our -”

“Declare what he is?”

“Love fades. Mine has.”
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