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Doctor Who 8x02 + The Walking Dead 4x13 Reviewed

Into The Dalek
This episode was an unmitigated disaster. An annoying woman meets The Doctor and he and the annoying Clara aid the Combined Galactic Resistance. There is a blatant 'Fantastic Voyage’ homage as various people are shrunk and run around inside a damaged ‘good’ Dalek to fix it. Meanwhile at Coal Hill school, ex solider Danny Pink has issues. Clara is annoying and won’t shut up. The ‘good’ Dalek who is nicknamed Rusty has a mind that is tearing itself apart. There are homages to series 1’s ‘Dalek’ and the ‘dark’ Doctor is not a pleasant thing to contemplate as he makes things worse. Diner waitress soldiers die, Rusty is ‘cured’, no-one has any reflection and this was garish and tautological. Who is Missy? What is Heaven? Should I care? Why is Clara so stupid and heartless? Why did the Doctor reject the solider as a companion?

Best Lines:
“Do please keep crying.”

“Cryings for civilians.”

“You didn’t realise there was a living creature inside?”
“Not until it started screaming.”

“Help me.”
“Why would I do that?”

“The Daleks are evil, irreversibly so.”

“Die all you like.”

“A good Dalek.”
“There’s no such thing.”

“Morality as malfunction.”

“Don’t be lasagne.”

“This is evil refined as engineering.”

“What is this stuff?”

The teaser makes no sense. Maggie and co fight walkers in the mist. Beth injures herself in non-constructive fashion. Sasha has no reliability. Everyone heads for Terminus. The cast muster up the bare minimum of enthusiasm to do uninteresting things. Daryl sleeps in a coffin. Beth sings tunelessly. Walkers stumble around like they have swamp cancer. Beth either runs off or is taken. Daryl meets up with Jeff Kober and his gang.  This episode made no sense and was full of imbeciles and was barely tolerable and totally miserable.

Best Lines:
“Self awareness is a beautiful thing - you should try it sometime.”

“I don’t think the good ones survived.”

“It’s far.”

“These things were people, before all this.”

“To not die.”

“That’s a white trash brunch right there.”

“I lost my first group and my second group.”
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