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Movie Review: Faster

Faster (2010)
A man known only as Driver (Dwayne Johnson) gets out of jail after 10 years, he promptly goes on a revenge spree. A junkie cop on the edge of retirement (Billy Bob Thornton of ‘Fargo’) is on his trail as is another cop (Carla Gugino of ‘Threshold’). A whiny hitman known as Killer and his moll (Maggie Grace of ‘Lost’) are also after Driver. Also in the mix are the junkie cop’s ex (Moon Bloodgood of ‘Falling Skies’), the cop’s boss (Xander Berkeley of ‘Nikita’) and the prison warden (Tom Berenger).

The plot isn’t that complicated or coy. The Driver is the dreaded. Killer and his moll officiously plot murder in sugary fashion. It all has to do with the fallout from a bank robbery a decade earlier. Driver does staring and has a plenitude of rage. There is very little integrity in this film. The cop’s ex always seems to be prejudging him or is she? The moll sports a tacky wedding dress. Driver’s mother pops up. The not so daring wannabe cool Killer turns into an idiot. Driver encounters a preacher. There is a twist and throughout it all Driver looks vaguely annoyed and breathes heavily whilst behaving in a somewhat psychotic manner. This was good.

Best Lines:
“Bald headed Precious!”

“A walkalone.”

“No-one would screw with him.”

“He made us do it!”

“The dude’s completely artless.”

“You married your snitch?”

“I hope you kill them all!”

“It’s a long dark road you’re headed down.”

“He owed the wrong people a lot of money.”

“Hate is like a chain around your neck.”

“God can’t save you from me.”

“You’ve got issues.”

“I created my own hell.”
“And I’m the demon who crawled up out of it.”
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