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Book Review: Cursed Moon + Blood Bound

Cursed Moon by Jaye Wells
Book 2 of the ‘Prospero’s War’ saga saw Kate Prospero deal with her slightly bratty brother as well as a notorious uncle, a diligently negative ex, a rogue wizard and decisions that have embedded deep distrust in various relationships. This was very good; there are plots within plots, magic and a still unclear end game. I look forward to Book 3.

Best Lines:
“Wow you really got so much out of that Psych 101 class in college.”

“Who was I to judge a whore’s fashion sense?”

“Some ghosts need to remain buried for the living to have peace.”

Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs
This 2007 novel is the 2nd in the ‘Mercy Thompson’ series about the coyote walker and her gallivanting with werewolves, elves, abstemiousness vampires and whatever man she picked up in the street this week. Where are the Tri-cities? Why is Mercy so pathologically forgiving of everyone? I don’t care about Mercy’s mechanic skillz, the undiscerning Adam or the plot. Mercy isn’t like other girls she tells us: she gets dirty and wears a sheep not a cross and instinctively does everything right. The plot is negligible and I don’t care.

Best Lines:
“So far, there had been none of the rioting that had marked the fae’s exposure a few decades earlier.”

“It’s been a while since human’s believed enough in the Devil to sell their soul to him.”
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