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Movie Review: Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers (1988)

Bruce Springsteen’s sister kills people!
Angela (Pamela Springsteen) is a happy clappy camp counsellor who just happens to be a psycho killer due to a pathological family unit. This alleged cult classic is terrible in every way, maybe I should have watched ‘Cheerleader Camp’ instead. The acting, story and filmmaking are all bad. Angela kills various distasteful characters and is always talking to herself and looking all serial killerish. Nobody notices.

Two annoying kids stalk women with binoculars. The ‘hero’ with a mullet lumbers around. Characters are named after the members of the Brat Pack: Charlie, Emilio, T.C, Mare and Molly etc. Angela is constantly belittling people, being aggressive and volatile. People feel deep acrimony for her. Renee Estevez of ‘Heathers’ and Valerie Hartman are in this incoherent mess somewhere. This cheap mindless film does not work on any level. It is pretty ridiculous, bloated, derivative, crude and inessential. I won’t bother with ‘Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland’. I’d rather watch the 1989 ‘Leviathan’.

Best Lines:
“Like the little brat was saying.”

“He’s in Hollywood playing the dark haired girl on ‘Facts of Life’.”

“It’s a guy.”
“Not anymore.”

“He or she or whatever.”


“What a bad camper.”


“Nice girls don’t have to show it off.”

“The tit patrol.”

“Marries some jerk foot doctor.”

“Say no to drugs.”

“I found them getting high and fornicating.”

“No big loss.”

“Give me my bra!”

“A cheap disgusting act.”

“You almost broke my machete!”

“Where’d you put it?”
“If I knew that I’d have it.”
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