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Trailer, Quotes and Stuff

‘As Above So Below’ TV spot
Beneath the streets of Paris, weird stuff happens.

Low Fat Chocolate Milk Dessert - yum.
Flax Energy Bar - ok.

I am reading ‘Fortune’s Pawn’.

I will review season 1 of ‘The Last Ship’.

‘The Negotiator’ Quotes:
“I just found my partner with his head blown off alright! I don’t feel like doing this.”

“No-one’s standing behind you with a big gun.”

‘Jurassic Park’ (1993) Quotes:
“Fences are failing all over the park.”
“Find Nedry. Check the vending machines.”

“Are they heavy?”
“Then they’re expensive. Put em back.”

“No wonder you’re extinct. I’m going to run you over when I come back down.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“She was not the best wife.”

“She killed him with Hemlock.”

“Decided that they hate me.”

“A crummy wife.

Russia’s Lost Princesses’ Quotes:
“A world that vanished forever.”

“Worshipped as holy martyrs.”

“All came and went.”

“These rumours were believed.”

“An ineffectual Tsar.”

“Knew nothing of the real world beyond the palace gates.”

“The dubious Carol.”

“Bang your fist.”

“Much vaunted morality.”

“Completely unpopular.”

“Not some lunatic fringe.”

“It’s absolutely dreadful.”

“Certain malevolent influence about Rasputin.”

“Cyanide laced cream cakes.”

“No truck with any talk of reform.”

“Her dreadful advice.”

“All of this will end in disaster.”

“Look at fatty run!”

“The lowest form of plant life.”

“A human oyster.”

“A homeland they hardly knew.”

“Terribly badly educated.”

“Something terrible out there.”

‘Memoirs of an Invisible Man’ (1992) Quotes:
“Nick’s way too narcissistic to kill himself.”
“He’ll probably wash up on the shore one day all bloated and eaten by crabs.”

“I’m the one that kills people.”

“Where do they find people like you?”

“David, I will not allow you to turn this into fiasco like the one you caused in Iran!”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Theresa is back in the opening credits. Groan. Nancy is a bint. Mercedes and Carmel are leaving. Finn attacks Nancy. Everyone is complacent. Will Finn finally go down for his crimes? No, the police arrest Robbie for the attack on Nancy! Ooops.

Best Lines:
You’re sick in the head.”

“You’re done mate.”
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