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Devious Maids 1x06 + The 100 1x08 Reviewed

Walking The Dog
Genevieve is robbed by her business manager. Carmen is rude to a neighbour’s chef Julie because she’s trash. Rosie bangs her boss into having a heart attack. Remi carries about a big bag of drugs. Peri is arriviste and decides to be nicer. I have no artistic appreciation for this ep. Mr Powell is not dark and enigmatic just a sleazy ostentatious ass and he is onto Marisol. Mrs Powell may like Marisol’s ill-cooked meals but that doesn’t stop her firing her. Carmen doesn’t want Sam dating Julie so does uproariously trashy stuff to break them up and bed Sam - which works. Guinevere bangs Remi’s dad Phillip (Stephen Collins) for money. Everyone has false fidelity. Marisol almost learns the extent of Mr Powell’s perversions. Michael Stafford beats Mr Powell up. The murder plot makes incremental progress.

Best Lines:
“You had an ulterior motive, I’m shocked.”

“People choose to be poor in the first place.”

“This man has given me stress. So I’m going to the spa to have Hans beat me with reeds until it goes away.”

“What happens if she stumbles onto my collection?”
“Well, first she’ll want to wash her hands.”

“I’m super naked.”

“You can put that eyebrow down.”

“It’s time to find husband number 7.”

“You pervert!”

“What a relief it will be to stop pretending that we like each other.”

Day Trip
Bellamy tries to bully the Grounder. Then he and Clarke head to an old depot near the landing side to look for supplies to help them survive winter. Clarke is on her moral high horse. A plot to kill Bellamy is plotted, badly. Finn, Clarke and Bellamy are all impediments to the show. Why is Clarke’s hair so shiny? Do they have L’Oreal down there? Octavia has no sense. The Grounder reveals his name is Lincoln. Raven is not pertinent to anything. Bellamy finds guns. Jasper and the rest of the 100 trip on nuts or something. The similarities to season 2 ‘Lost’ just keep piling up. Clarke is treated with awe-tinged respect for some reason. There is no putative bliss here. Lincoln escapes. Someone dies. Boring hallucinations are had by the 100. Bellamy and Clarke are tools and will be having sex soon. Diana is plotting. This bored.

Best Lines:
“Tell them you’re not the enemy.”
“I am.”

“Are you on something?”

“Pretty sure I ate a pinecone.”

“It’s a stick.”
“No, it’s an anti-Grounder stick.”
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