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Nikita 4x06 Reviewed

Flashbacks to 2004 show Nikita at her feral street trash ways. In the ‘present’ there are no emotionally charged issues as the faintly sad Phillip is suddenly not irascible anymore. Michael and Birkhoff are unsavoury. Nikita and Alex are disconcertingly blank-faced. Where is Birkhoff’s dad? There is no mention of Daniel. We keep hearing about how wonderful and special Nikita is. Nikita’s heated readiness to hate and Amanda’s refusal of moderation annoy and bore in equal measure. Nikita doesn’t deserve getting her name cleared, she likes being in a cesspool. The opinionated Birkhoff is fantastically annoying and Amanda has a scar of evil. This final ever ep was not fatalistic or unflinching just faltering and floundering.

Sam is spurious. Nikita won’t listen to ferocious criticism as she idealises dead Ryan the goob. Michael has no purpose but to suggest significant intervention. He also forgets his kid exists. The fight scenes look fake. Logic is surmounted as the climax takes place in a supermax prison. Amanda shows up like a bad smell and is left to rot. The ‘ingenious’ twist isn’t. I saw it coming all along. Nikita isn’t contrite and this ep was mired in unmet expectations. Nobody mentions dead Sean. The gang get their undeserved pardons. Alex goes on with Human Rights while romancing Sam. Nikita bigs up Ryan and plans more violence. Michael is pointless and ditches his endless supply of tight fitting dark suits to be Nikita‘s cabana boy. Birkhoff goes public. Nobody is berated. This was an affront to all that has gone before. Shame on TPTB - shame!

Best Lines:
“All you had were your instincts and your teeth.”

“This will get loud.”

“Why can’t you stay dead?”

“I don’t care.”
“Yes you do.”

“Just cheap theatrics.”

“Which ones?”
“All of them.”

“This is it Nikita, this is the end.”

“I’m not done.”

“No-one will ever find you. Welcome back to the basement Helen.”
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