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Lost Season 5 Ep 9 review

The Ajira plane landed on the runway that Kate and Sawyer helped build back in season 3. The exact era the Ajira lot are in isn't clear but neither Lipidus, Sun or Ben ended up in 1977. The Ajira people annoy. Juliet learns that Amy's son is Ethan. Sawyer cons Jack, Hurley and Kate into the Dharma Initiative. But Sayid is mistaken for a hostile. Sun smacks Ben with an oar. Jack is now a Dharma janitor. Dharma are building the Swan station and hiding it from the Hostiles. Sawyer whines about how he is now King of the Island. An imprisoned Sayid meets young Ben. The creepy Ben seems curious about the 'hostile'.

Why did Miles stay? Were Sawyer and Juliet planning to live their lives out in Dharma until The Hostiles wipe them out? How is Amy's kid Ethan? That kid sure ages badly. How did Ethan and possibly his mother end up part of the Others? Where is Daniel? Why are Dharma hiding the Swan from the Hostiles? Didn't Juliet, Sawyer, Miles, Daniel or Jin run into Ben already? Where are Annie and Olivia? Has young Ben met Richard yet? This was good, the Dharma lot aren't coming across as benevolent hippies but rather a pack of nasty fascist thugs.

Best Lines:
"You do realise those dudes get wiped out right?"

"I ain't here to play Nostradamus to these people."

"Commandos, whose only mission was to get him."
"And how'd that work out for everyone?"
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