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Book Review: Visions

Visions by Kelley Armstrong
Book 2 in the ‘Cainsville’ series is being marketed as a thriller and not as a fantasy novel oddly enough. Olivia learns her vitriolic lawyer Gabriel has committed another criminal act of dishonesty. So she goes on a polemic spree of hostility and beds a guy who seems to have escaped the cast of ‘Sons Of Anarchy’. Olivia finally decides she needs to do something proactive about all the maladroit supernatural happenings and so revelations come and chaos is stirred. Sadly and inexplicably this is a credulous tale of manifest absurdity. Book 1 ‘Omens’ was so good and yet I was disillusioned by this book.

Best Lines:
“He’d cut his hair short, worn preppy clothes, garaged his bike, and bought a used car. When you grew up in a gang that was teenage rebellion.”

“Wallace did not go by Wally. A new recruit tried calling him that once. The result had required plastic surgery.”

“I had just emerged from a dream state after stepping into a magically lit symbol ingrained in the floor of an old, abandoned house.”

“Unless you have a video of me bludgeoning prostitutes to death - and expert witnesses to guarantee the veracity of the recording.”

“I will simply continue to shoot you until you pass out and drop the gun.”

“God knows you didn’t.”

“I blame you for all of it.”
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