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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Doctor Who’ 8x02 promo
Daleks again?

‘Nowhere Boys’ promo
Looks okay.

‘Our Zoo’ promo

‘The Leftovers’ promo

Best Line:
“Where are you Sam?”

‘Mom’ promo
Not funny.

‘Sex Tape’ TV spot.

Fruity Shrewsbury Biscuit - yum.
Dark Chocolate with Lavender - lovely.
Pumpkin Energy Bar - yum.

Anyone else recall the 1969 TV movie ‘Lost Flight’ about a plane crash on an island?

I am reading ‘Cursed Moon’.

I will review ‘Last Sacrifice’, ‘Fortune’s Pawn’, ‘The Ripper Affair’ and ‘A Time To Kill’.

I won’t read ‘The Weight of Blood’ or ‘Zombie Apocalypse: Washington Deceased’.

I won’t review ‘Honey, I Shrunk The Kids’.

I never had a ‘Pet The Lizard’ display for my birthday.

Anyone recall the early search engine AltaVista?

‘Neighbours’ Quotes:
“You’ve lied about plenty.”

“Talk about gender regressive.”

“Hens and Bucks night.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“The therapist ran out of the house and said she wasn’t coming back.”

“I want those kids dead.”

“I love you.”
“I don’t care.”

“Patient uttered inappropriate words.”

“Throw a knife at somebody?”

“My job is to hurt you.”

‘Russia’s Lost Princesses’ Quotes:
“It was lucky she was so in love because far from home and at a foreign court, she found little comfort.”

“Ruining the dynasty and herself.”

“We will have no further conversation about it.”

‘Cursed Moon’ Quotes:
“Put down the cauldron!”

“Fake Leprechauns are surprisingly fast runners.”

“He said if I went to the cops, he’d be back. He said if I so much as thought about him, he’d be back.”

“I briefly wondered if he’d even practised that look in the scrap of polished metal that passed as a jail cell mirror.”

‘Desperate Housewives’ Quote:
“All he eats are frozen waffles! Still frozen!”

‘Glee’ Quote:
“Appalachian murder ballads.”

‘Precious’ Quote:
“She let my man have her.”

‘So Much For That’ Quotes:
“Jackson had a good grasp of why employees were arriving at work with canvas bags full of automatics all across the nation.”

“That he hadn’t known about, or cared about, or noticed.”

“Bloated, parasitic caste of interlocutors.”

“But she holds you in contempt.”
“It makes her feel better. Let her.”

“As if we’re all supposed to feel so grateful that they’re creating meaning and beauty for us poor uncultured Neanderthals.”

“Haven’t you noticed how many vacant and derelict houses there are in this neighbourhood?”

“Who wants to live here? Exiled New York documentary makers who’ve lost their rent control.”

“With her raw materials, your sister building character is like you constructing a bookcase out of cardboard.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“Culture’s in decline, deal with it.”

“That’s a prison road crew.”

“Who am I to argue with icing?”

“What’s transpiring?”

“I like the play-dough that comes out the back.”

“I lost the deed to my shack.”

“Mom! I’m narrating!”

“The boy nobody loves.”

“We are Ear Poison!”

“I want friends! Any friends!”

“You get that psycho look.”

“Humble I can be.”

“There is something very wrong with you.”

“It ain’t gym class if a fat kid’s not crying.”

“Even the guy playing it had to take drugs.”

“It’s not optional.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Finn’s babymama Amber and daughter Bella show up. Does Diane feel no shame that both Finn and Sinead became teenage parents? Patrick menaces the returned Maxine. Nancy is uptight. Darren is stupid and they are both orange. Sandy left after realising her sons were thugs and rotters. Sienna is crazy. Amber is a grifter. Dodger wants to shack up with his stepmother Maxine. Sienna tells a big fat lie.
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