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Cropsey (2009) Reviewed

A documentary on an urban legend that turned out to be true in 1987 Staten Island. It is a true story of missing children, a dismal closed down hospital and a weirdo named Andre Rand who may be a serial killer. Is he unambiguously guilty? Why were missing children treated as irrelevant considerations for years? This was grim and footage from the 70s and 80s show eyewitness, Rand drooling during his perp walk and generally acting like a bug eyed nut with cheese straws for teeth who is squeezed into a sweaty shirt.

There was little direct evidence, much is made about occult cults, Rand won’t talk, family members give possible motives and this is an unnerving insight into a bizarre case. Tenacious victims’ families hold out hope, there are bizarre goings on in underground tunnels, defence attorneys don’t do a very good job and this was good and disturbing.

Best Lines:
“Evilness sells.”

“The amount of weirdoes living on Staten Island that I ran into.”

“God knows what they could find here.”

“Every community has a seedy underside.”

“22 years in the ground.”

“We was being kidnapped.”

“A city under a city.”

“Low class white trash version of Jim Jones.”
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