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Retro Review: Lost Season 4 Eps 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11

1. The Beginning Of The End
As rescue appears imminent, a division occurs among the Flight 815 survivors. Flashforwards show Hurley can’t adjust to life off the island. He meets Ana-Lucia’s old partner Mike and sees a vision of Charlie. Matthew Abbadon bores, Claire picks Locke’s side, nobody has any concept of personal safety, Naomi is alive and Jack will become a drug addled, suicidal, ranting junkie. This was underwhelming.

Best Line:
“Jack should never have called those people.”

3. The Economist
Flashforwards show Sayid has taken an unexpected path. Jack sulks. Ben has a secret hidey hole and continues his deliberate provocation. Very good.

4. Eggtown
Locke wants answers from Miles. Flashforwards show Kate’s trial and her ’son’. Miles annoys, Locke whips out a grenade and Locke’s followers make themselves at home in the Barracks. Goodish.

5. The Constant
Sayid and Desmond arrive on the freighter full of rude, hostile people. Desmond time travels to 1996 or something. Princess skank Charlotte and uptight Daniel are shifty. Ok.

6. The Other Woman
Juliet is contacted by Goodwin’s wife Harper. Charlotte and Daniel head to the Tempest station. Ben claims the Others have abandoned him. Widmore wants the island back; no matter the negative impact. Ok.

Best Line:
“If my people still wanted me John, they would have stormed this camp long ago.”

7. Ji Yeon
Sayid and Desmond encounter Michael. In a flashforward, Sun visits Jin’s grave. Daniel is an ass. Ok.

8. Meet Kevin Johnson
Sayid demands Michael explain what happened after he left the island. Things didn’t really work out for him. Karl and Danielle are casually killed off. Miles is still an obnoxious tool. Goodish.

9. The Shape Of Things To Come
Mercenaries storm the island and kill Alex. The freighter people’s lying ways are exposed. Ben throws down the gauntlet to Widmore. Good.

Best Line:
“I know that everything you have, you took from me.”

10. Something Nice Back Home
Claire vanishes. Miles is an enormous tool. The freighter folk are badgered for answers. In a flashforward the churlish Jack swills pills and booze. Nobody cares about the selfish git and his anxiety issues at this point. Ok.

11. Cabin Fever
Locke finds the cabin. Murderous plotting is afoot and a Locke flashback shows his 1st encounter with the fascinating Richard (Nestor Carbonell). Ben and Hurley share an Apollo bar. Locke is dumb. Abbadon bores. Desmond lies. Good, I will never forgive TPTB for the tooth-rottingly saccharine sentimentality of season 6.

Best Lines:
“What happened to them?”
“He did.”

“I thought you were the leader.”
“Not always.”
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