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Book Review: Blood Promise

Blood Promise by Richelle Mead
The 4th in the ‘Vampire Academy’ saga. Rose has left St Vladimir’s Academy (again) on an overblown mission to kill her lover Dmitri who has been turned into a Strigoi. While he ravages, Rose goes through innumerable indignities and debilitating grief to find him. But finding Dmitri is detrimental to her health as her boyfriend turned object of fear is now a raging psycho. Meanwhile back at St Vladimir’s Lissa is indulging in lunatic partying and unidentified drinking injuries. A big showdown is coming as accumulative plot threads come together. This was very good and very enjoyable. It caused a reassertion of my liking for this saga after the misfire of ‘Shadow Kiss’.

Best Lines:
“Dad’s decided I’m on good behaviour now.”
“Poor oblivious bastard,”

“I didn’t get a choice.”
“And don’t you regret that?”
“No, not now.”

“When weighing the option to search a four-story house full of vampires or run off into the countryside before they found you.”

“Dmitri was still coming. He really was a god, a god who brought death closer with each footstep.”
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