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Murder Most Horrid (1991 - 1999) 3x01 + Devious Maids 1x05 + The 100 1x07 Reviewed

Girl Friday
Sally Fairfax (Dawn French) is the ultra committed PA to her sleazy boss (Nigel Havers). The pasty and doughy Sally wants to slide herself under her boss, which is the un-sexiest thing he can imagine. Sally is fond of drinking until comatose and has Gavin Rossdale hair and is bitter and defensive. Her boss has a mistress. Sally sulks. Everyone has the personality of cold beans.

Sally is a bridge troll who is self disrupting. She loves her own supposed awesomeness yet brings down the calibre of the place and reeks of desperation. Her creepy boss who has gross old manhood and looks like he smells a bit kills his wife. Sally gets her groove back and gets revenge for him mocking her love for him. This was bad and inauthentic. The kooky font of the opening credits couldn’t save this cheap and nasty tale.

Best Lines:
Good healthy clay.”

“Just book it bitch!”

Taking Out The Trash
Marisol’s son Eddie is a stupid, ungrateful raconteur. Remi is continually unbearable as he brings home his trashy ex. Neither have any social niceties and excel at being ignorant.  Valentina fights the trashy ex. Carmen’s husband shows up and she’s way too old to be at this nonsense. Peri has no integrity. Marisol learns more about the deceptively irrelevant Powells; they have a dead child and massive issues. Why don’t they just divorce instead of making ugly assertions and holding on to festering disproportionate resentment?

Carmen’s troublingly vague and has no objectivity; her husband Oscar has stark demands. I feel no melancholy for her and her disgraceful desperation. Oscar turns out to be fairly brutal. Peri has a demeanour of pure marble. Remi ignores class angst to indulge in libertinage and nocturnal corridor creeping. Marisol tells Eddie how Flora was trash. Rosie makes herself indispensable to her boss.

Best Lines:
“Forgo the accusatory look.”

“Nobody. Just the maid.”

“Tell me the slut’s name!”

“That’s different.”
“Because he’s lucky to have me.”

“Have you forgiven me yet?”

“Your disgusting little hobby.”

“Why are you ruining it?”

Contents Under Pressure
Raven contacts the Ark, a storm rages and Finn has been stabbed. Abby is consistently annoying and is thrown off the Council. The Ark wanted to ignore the flares but can’t once Raven makes contact. The Earth seems to be free of queues of empty cars thronging the motorway, smashed up malls and various other ruin porn littered with the useless paraphernalia of technologised lives. Bellamy ‘questions’ the captured Grounder (Ricky Whittle). Bellamy is very unfavourable, Octavia tirades and Bellamy wants war with the Grounders. This is not inescapably bleak.

Diana (Kate Vernon of ‘Battlestar Galactica’) gets Abby’s Council seat and Project Exodus is discussed. A pop culture reference is made to the Titanic. Clarke is not engaging, Octavia is needy and Finn is sickly. This show is not nuanced. The Chancellor is a redundant character. Lots of people join in on battering the Grounder. Kane wants his mummy. Octavia and Octavia alone learns something about the Grounder.

Best Lines:
“The Earth is survivable.”

“Coming to me with dangerous questions.”

“He might just be out of the woods.”
“Down here, there’s nothing but woods.”

“Mankind is going home.”

“If you tell us, they’ll stop.”

“He’ll be back and not alone next time.”

“There are 2237 people on this Ark and there only enough Drop Ships to carry 700.”
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