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Trailer Time Again

Season 2 'Dexter' clips
The 1st one is from ep 7 where Dexter headbutts Doakes provoking Doakes to attack him in the middle of the police station. Of course Dexter has set it up perfectly, so Dexter comes across as the harmless victim and Doakes as the psycho loose cannon. Heh. The 2nd clip is from ep 9 where Doakes catches Dexter red-handed hauling sacks of body parts about. Now Doakes always thought there was something wrong with Dexter but he never ever guessed that Dexter was a serial killing psycho. Now Doakes is the good guy and Dexter is the psycho but TPTB want us to want Dexter to get away with it. And he does.

'Sorority Row' trailer
A remake of the 1980's slasher 'The House on Sorority Row'. It seems to have ditched the entire plot of the original film but this one has Carrie Fisher. I'll be watching this one.

'Killer Movie' trailer
A killer stalks a reality show. So far, so mediocre. But damn, this film has Nestor Carbonell of 'Lost' in it. I'm there.

'Elvira's Haunted Hills' trailer
So very, very cheesy. A guilty pleasure I'd like to see.

'Suddenly Susan'/'The Tick' clips
What does a cheesy unfunny sitcom and a dumb looking live action superheroes satire have in common? Nestor Carbonell. In 'Suddenly Susan', he teaches a co-worker to dance and in 'The Tick', he wears an idiot costume and talks about sex, fondue and sex. Damn he's hot.
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