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Nikita 4x05 Reviewed

Nikita shows off her underwear and lives an ostensibly content life on a Marine Corps base. A new tool full of provocative rugged cynicism (Vincent Ventresca of ’Prey’, ’I-Man’ and ’Dollhouse’) shows up. He wants Nikita to stay a hero. Alex tracks the disgraceful morally indefensible Sam. Ryan meddles. Amanda has the face of a semi-animated corpse. Nikita and co give a recap of the past few seasons that sounds parodic not grim. There is finally an explanation for what happened to Sam’s $300 million. Alex saves Sam from randomers. Nikita and her virtuous compliance and droll laxity bore. The whole plot is greatly over-dramatised. Why won’t Sam ponce off?

Things disintegrate due to Ryan being a goob and Michael existing only to incessantly big up Nikita. The tiresome Ryan spews opprobrium. Nobody is notable for their intelligence or social awareness. Amanda plans an empty future or something. This was incomprehensible nonsense. Sam and Alex hook up. Jones’ carapace of dramatic indifference does not crack. There is no tense combat. Ryan the goob can’t keep the devil at bay and finally dies. It’s not over. Nikita is honoured and then decides to kill people. This was truly terrible.

Best Lines:
“Amanda’s dead and we won.”

“They are human weapons.”

“Rebel how?

“Division would still be standing today.”

“Carefully crafted illusion.”

“I want to.”

“They don’t get to win.”
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