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Book Review: Shadow Kiss

Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead
The 3rd in the ‘Vampire Academy’ series is utterly duff. Rose and Dmitri continue their relationship of impropriety. Various annoying new characters are insoucianant. Non-strange and creepy events take place. Vampire society crumbles some more. Strigoi attack. Rose finally gets sick of Lissa’s selfishness. This was boring, padded out and depressingly recalcitrant. What became of the crow bonded to the Lissa and the psi-hounds?

Best Lines:
“You’re all but enslaved and don’t even realize it. And for what? Why do you protect us?”

“Do something useful in prison and write a manifesto.”

“She made me sound like an alcoholic prostitute.”

“Nobody does anything around here! People commit crimes and get away with it.”
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