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The Honourable Woman 1x07 + Continuum 2x09 - 2x13 + The Walking Dead 4x11 + Reign 1x05 Reviewed

The Hollow Wall
Sir Hugh Hayden-Hoyle has edgy ruefulness while his ex wife is awful. The ambience is not that of chilled noir. Various characters have Byzantium imperiousness. Interest is transient. Sir Hugh Hayden-Hoyle realises Kasim’s true parentage. Nessa cries. Atika is up to something and always has been. Ephra is not mortified by his actions as he and Atika get carnal. Seditious and evil persons sow seeds of noise and dislander. At Nessa’s big day, a bomb goes off. Ruthless manoeuvrings takes place. Rachel won’t stop meddling. People die. Atika has secrets. There is plotting and incendiary information as well as shamefulness, falseness and agendas. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Carry On Up The Kibbutz.”

“Not mentioned. There’s a hole in the ground about 30 foot across.”

“Claim it.”

“We need to discuss that.”
“Really? Just that?”

“Their whore; their vassal.”

“Someone got there first.”

“We didn’t kill Nessa Stein or her brother.”
“Except that world opinion seems to think you did.”

In the future there are slave labour factories making mind control chips of which Kiera’s CMR is one. Julian and his fake beard blow them up. In the ‘present’ Dillon returns and Prion now runs the police. Julian is out of jail and smirking. Alec’s mother is shot. Julian tries to act unpretentious but is a selfish, rat looking wet rag. Kiera knows that Julian is the dreaded in 2077 and puts him under enhanced interrogation. This was mediocre. Carlos is an idiot. Kiera has a ‘crushing realisation’ that she helped created Julian.

Best Lines:
“Your citizenship is voided.”

“He’ll be the one the nightmares bring.”

“You are too dangerous.”

Second Wave
Nobody notices that Gardiner is dead. Alec needs to shut up. TPTB are making Liber8 the heroes of this story. Garza is arrested, Lucas bores and I’m done with this show. Travis has a CMR. There is plot contrivance and slap fights. Freelancers lurk. Julian pot stirs. Kiera ferments a riot. Alec’s work on ARC bores. Emily has fallen for the mark. Julian takes no responsibility which vitiates his own argument. Rebecca urges murder. I have insatiable hatred for this ep. Garza is taken. Lucas bores some more.

Best Lines:
“Do not seek them they will find you.”

“Tell me!”
“Make me!”

Second Guessed
A cyber event takes place. Dillon quotes the Prion Mandate. No-one notices that Gardiner is dead, until they do notice he is missing. Martin blowhards. Julian and his smug face shows up to annoy. I was misquieted by how bad this show is now. Martin’s cooperation with Liber8 comes out. People deliver lines with utmost seriousness. This was dull and nobody is morally irreproachable.

Best Lines:
“There’s a tsunami on its way.”
“A tsunami?”
“It’s a metaphor.”

“I’m working on it.”
“Work harder.”

Second Last
How many people were in on the Liber8 time travel escape plan? Sonya is useless. Travis beats up Kellog. People finally wonder where Gardiner is. Alec is a tool. Gardiner’s corpse is found and somehow nobody smelt that. Kellog knows about Emily’s real past, she‘s not a freelancer. Kiera is the subject of a CSIS investigation. Things culminate, sort of. The VPD turn on Kiera. I scorn this ep. Travis puts on the spare CPS suit. How does a woman’s suit fit him? Alec is an ass; there are fights and one annoying character dies.

Best Lines:
“This is stalker level.”

“Run! Run!”

Second Times
The badly constructed season 2 comes to a merciful end. All the magnificence of season 1 is lost. Kiera’s husband was involved in the escape plot and old Alec is his daddy. So who is his mother? This ep was all empty guff that deserves to be justifiably forgotten. In the present there is no real impression that the world is collapsing around them. Alec learns that Mr Escher is his daddy not Jason. Alec is an ass and turns his allegiance to the plutocrat. Alec spews gibberish and witterings that are irritating. Carlos knows who the Liber8 mole is. We get endless scenes of Alec’s self-regard and his inane hectoring.

Kiera has no manners, little self control and no future. Dillon is sleazy and volatile and gets punched out by Carlos. There is no logical narrative purpose to the nauseatingly bad episode. Carlos is not a hard-arse and he joins up with the suffocating and intensely nasty Julian and his mother.  Travis is nasty and prone to disproportionate violence. Carlos and Kiera are declared public enemies. Dillon bristles with self righteous indignation.

Alec betrays Kiera. The Freelancers pop up to declare that they protect the timeline. Ill-considered choices are made in wearied fashion. The plot suffers a critical breakdown as various people end up in Freelancer jail, someone time travels, Dillon begins the CPS, one of Liber8 was a Freelancer and there is more than one timeline. I don’t care about them or their coruscating moral dynamics. This show has no organising principle anymore.

Best Lines:
“I will always blame you.

“You’re the villain in this tale.”

Carl can’t act. Rick changes his rancid looking shirt. Rick is still red of eye and foamy of mouth. So far season 4 hasn’t been harrowing just a downward trajectory of interest. Rick has fatigue and contemplative sadness. Michonne talks about her dead 3 year old son. The ungracious Glen and the woman end up with various army leftovers and a scientist who are all teeth and conditioner. They have information or disinformation.

Rick’s rest house is taken over by presumptuous and parasitic types led by Jeff Kober who naturally picked that one house instead of all the others. Despite living in a world where zombies roam, no-one checks under the bed. I guess they are too busy fighting, planning sexual violence, having dead eyes and giving each other nail scissor hair cuts. This was unsubtle and garumphingly improbable. The glib and toneless Rick’s endless bad choices go on. Walkers and their uncontrolled insatiable appetites lurk. This was dull except for the scientist and his serpentine charm.

Best Lines:
“I was laughing. Inside.”

“My bed now jack-off.”

“He knows exactly what caused this mess.”

“Trust me. I’m smarter than you.”

A Chill In The Air
Francis has no moral scruples and Mary continues her grim pursuit of a husband in lite-erotic style. Pagans attack. The French royal court holds a harvest festival in a barn. Bash has recovered from nearly dying. A Hapsburg lurks. There is no fizz or joy in this episode as TPTB continues to swap the real for the false. Mary’s Ladies In Waiting are credulous and coated in Ronseal like fake tan. Francis’ old flame Olivia shows up to show how much of an incontrovertible ass Francis is. Olivia is ruined and unmarriagble due to Francis. She is referred to as “used property”.

Francis has disregard and a nauseatingly false pretence of caring for Mary. It is the “blood month” apparently. This was stupid and sublimely ridiculous. I missed 1x04 and wish I’d missed this one too. There is a mention of Mary’s mother Marie de Guise. Olivia wants to be Francis’ mistress or Queen. Kenna is to be Henri’s Official Mistress, what would Diane say about that? Catherine laments her bad marriage. Nostradamus mutters about a monster in the woods. A Pagan menaces Bash. Greer tries to find a hubby, Catherine and Mary plot. Yawn.

Best Lines:
“Bash lives here by favour of the King.

“Engagements break. Alliances end.”

“So hurry along now and get pregnant.”

“He wasn’t yours to save.”

“Love can turn.”

“He’d known her first.”

“I follow your commands no longer.”

“I resent having her.”

“I was just a rich girl, like you.”

“This is my court not yours.”

“You can have me. Any way you want.”
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