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Book Reviews: The Revenge + The Curse + A Season In Carcosa, part 2

Frankenstein’s Children Book Two: The Revenge by Richard Pierce
Sara resurrected her boyfriend Josh after his suicide by using the journals of his ancestor Victor Frankenstein. Josh’s new existence is only the start of the nightmare as there are things about that infamous scientist, Josh, his family and herself that she doesn’t know. This is a chilling and dark tale of obsessive love, a terrible twisted family and lost love.

Frankenstein’s Children Book Three: The Curse by Richard Pierce
The town of Thunder Lake is being roamed by monsters. Victor Frankenstein never died and townsfolk turn into a baying mob. This is a haunting finale full of passion, love and dark forces.

A Season In Carcosa edited by Joseph S. Pulver, Sr, part 2

Yellow Bird Strings
Crap about puppets.

The Theatre And Its Double
A tale of madness.

Best Line:
“Changing. Into what, I never want to know.”

The Hymn Of The Hyades
A boy no one much cares about becomes part of the mythos. Good.

Slick Black Bones And Soft Black Stars
A mass grave is exacerbated on Carcosa. Excellent.

Not Enough Hope
I’ve no idea what this was about.

Whose Hearts Are Pure Gold
A girl goes mad in grotesque fashion. Not Effective.

April Dawn
A stage Irishman encounters Robert Chambers. Dull.

King Wolf
Kids are stranded in the bush. Ridiculous.

The White-Face At Dawn
A man and spiders. WTF?

Wishing Well
A tale of Hollywood, child stars, a creepy old TV show and the King In Yellow. Good.

A starlet gets a job on a very odd movie set. Creepy.

The King Is Yellow
A trio of toughs get a hold of the forbade tome and brutality ensues. Okay.

A writer and his editor do wistful stuff in rough bars. No.

Salvation In Yellow
Utterly incoherent.

The Beat Hotel
Carcosa in 60s Paris. Good.

Best Line:
“He had never read the play either. Most with any sense hadn’t.”

“She had never opened the book either but she had known of many who had and what had happened.”
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