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A Touch Of Cloth III, part two + Continuum 2x04 -2x06 + Nikita 4x04 Reviewed

A Touch Of Cloth III: Too Cloth For Comfort, part two
Jack is unfeasibly galling and his and Oldman’s relationship is fraught. This was utter claptrap and creates general tedium. Oldman does sloshed roaring. Jack has blasé disregard for Oldman with whom he had sex once. Oldman is libidinous and Jack is implausibly thick. The Healery is not a death cult. There is an OTT autopsy. Tom Boss is horribly nasty and only cameos. Jack is weird and dirty. The absolutely filthy forensic pathologist sadly does not die. Jack gets progressively more unpleasant. Oldman has no emotional truth or agency and is combative. People have serious intent in darkly lit places. The obvious killer is revealed. There is more pulchritudinosity in the black and white flashbacks. This comes to an end with an utterly unnecessary hookup. This was a sad end to the saga as the uselessness and stupidity was an intrinsic un-correctable problem.

Best Lines:
“He saw her bum and everything!”

“I love harrowing. It’s a hobby of mine.”

“Not get murdered.”

“What sort of danger?”
“The dangerous kind.”

“I had the gruff, distant, uncaring father figure I’d always craved.”

“Stop using words.”

“An improbable standoff.”

“Your loin, Cloth!”

Second Skin
Kiera finds her partner from 2077 is in the ‘present’. Liber8 are indolent and have blasé regard. Alec looks like he has nidor. This was weak, ineffectual and this show is losing its integrity. So far season 2 is a disaster. Alec hangs out with Emily. Kiera chases another super suit. Various dumb characters have aggrandisement. There is bad acting. Sonya is a domineering harridan. Gardiner is grasping and interfering. Alec is sketchy and has all the charm of a prison toilet. Kiera is sombre. Gardiner gets dissed. Kiera mentions wars. This was generic with fights and yawns.

Best Line:
“You built a time travel app?”


“This again.”

Second Opinion
This ep is yet another damning indictment of the complacency of TPTB. Kiera thinks about her son Sam and his colonials v rebels game. Alec is ignoble. Kiera bewails her own infortune and has obduracy. Kellog and Alec plot. Dillon is fired and replaced by Nora Harris. Kiera is grilled by Nora and Gardiner. Alec is lazy. Kiera hallucinates a guy (Alessandro Juliani) and is out of character. Gardiner is ungracious and disparaging. Kiera has yearning for Sam. This ep has no alacrity and I felt extreme abhorrence for it. The Liber8 mole was the obvious suspect all along.

Second Truths
A freaky serial killer is on the loose. Emily plays Alec. Kellog plots. Carlos is searing. Dillon plots. I am vexed at how iniquitous this show has become. Kiera tells Carlos the truth. The serial killer has a brutish accomplice. Alec and Emily are snots. I don’t care.

Best Lines:
“There are agendas everywhere.”

“Stay sorry in the car!”

Nikita thinks she has won. Ramon (Simon Kassianides) shows up, the Shop plan WW3 or do they, Birkhoff hacks a missile, a US carrier group is in peril or is it, Sam yaps and is a dickweed. Birkhoff saves his awful father (Judd Nelson). The Shop is revealed as MDK. Pakistan looks just like Canada. Michael is an ass, Alex ditches Sam and there is an abrupt saving of the day in Dubai. This abrupt and bad, twist aside this sucked.

Best Lines:
“Who can we possibly call that would listen?”

“She thinks she won.”

“Where are you not allowed to go?”

“Did you really think it would end with either of us winning?”

“Worse than I ever imagined.”

“You have no moves left.”

“This is really every father’s dream. Watching my son launch a ballistic missile.”
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