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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘As Above, So Below’ trailer
A found footage horror about urban archaeologists in Paris. They poke around the catacombs under the city and something is down there with them. Is it hell or a monster? Looks good.

‘The Rover’ trailer

‘Intruders’ promo
New BBC2 drama with John Simm in which he has a silly accent. James Frain is in it too. Looks WTF but I’ll be there.

Best Line:
“We do die but we can return.”

Carling Black Label ad (1993)
A suave canny Brit outfoxes the German sunbed snatchers to the theme from Dambusters with his Union Jack towel. Hee.

I will review ‘Consenting Adults’, ‘Temptation’ and ‘Escape’.

Barquillo wafer = good.
Vanilla Coke = nasty and way too sweet.
Nicciolota bar = divine.

RIP Charles Keating.

I liked ‘Death To Smoochy’.

‘Psycho Bitches’ Quotes:
“What do you have?”

“Ring fence these feelings.”

“Aunty mummy and uncle daddy.”

“Naughty! Bad! Bad!”

‘Legacy’ Quote:
“Street tart.”

‘Sleeping With the Family’ Quotes:
“Did you see how spineless he was?”
“Spineless? He’s like a jellyfish.”

“All you do is cause problems.”

“He ends up acting like a jerk and trashing everybody.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“If the gun came out, something died.”

“There are a lot of remedies to that, short of shooting somebody.”
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