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Movie Review: The Conspiracy (2012)

This mockumentary horror is presented as two documentary makers - Aaron and Jim - making a film about street corner ranting conspiracy nut theorist Terrance. He has walls of crazy newspaper clippings and goes on about internment camps, secret forces, chemtrails and Big Brother. Unease builds as it seems Terrance is actually right and then he vanishes without trace.

Jim and Aaron’s search for him leads them to the secretive and elite Tarsus Group who hold meetings before major world events take place. The pensive and forlorn Aaron knows Terrance’s arguments make a certain sort of sense and is determined to uncover the truth about the Tarsus Group. There is muttering about Mithras and things get creepy as they decide to infiltrate a Group meeting.

Sadly this film falls down on the denouement as the ending is inadequate and ludicrous. Events spiral out of control and even paranoids can have real enemies and street corner ranters who issue dire warnings are actually on to something. This was so disappointing and oddly gave me flashbacks to that weird movie ‘The Bulldance’.

Best Lines:
“The illusion of freedom.”

“A society that’s conditioned to deny.”

“Slaves! Slaves! Slaves!”

“It was people agreeing with him. Like, a lot of people.”

“Who are they?”

“I wish we had never listened to him.”

“You can’t disprove them. You can’t prove there aren’t secret masters trying to control and manipulate us.”

“Very dangerous consequences. As it did in this case.”

“See what came out of the woodwork.”

“New World Order.”

“We live in a world that has been built and guided by cultural forces that exist behind those we see in the forefront.”

“No-one will touch this stuff.”
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