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The Keeper’s Chronicles trilogy + Betrayal + The Haunted Book Reviewed

The Keeper’s Chronicles: Summon The Keeper by Tanya Huff
The 1st in the saga. Claire is a Keeper, a descendant of the lineage of Adam and Lilith, gifted with powers to keep the universe in one piece. Now she and her cat sidekick Austin journey to the Elysian Fields guest house to face all manner of peculiar things in this hilarious fun read.

Best Line:
“We could have been eaten by something out of a bad Lovecraft pastiche!”

The Keeper’s Chronicles: The Second Summoning by Tanya Huff
In the 2nd in the saga, Claire and her boyfriend Dean visit her family for Christmas. A rip in the fabric of reality causes the battle between good and evil to take on a decidedly different tone in this hilarious and wonderful tale.

Best Line:
“Have you forgotten what happened last Christmas when the Star of Bethlehem went supernova?”

The Keeper’s Chronicles: Long Hot Summoning by Tanya Huff
The 3rd and sadly final novel in the saga. Claire’s sister Diana learns a shopping mall is the focus point for darkness to stage a hostile takeover. Cue a rollicking excellent read.

Best Lines:
“Things. Bad things.”
“Worse than this?”
“Much. Season finale of Buffy kind of worse.”
“Which season?”
“Does it matter?”

The Secret Diaries #2: Betrayal by Janice Harnell
Love can be so dangerous. Joanna is obsessively and utterly in love with Penn despite his secrets that involve concealed manslaughter. Joanna goes along with the cover-up because of her love for him. But when Penn’s unstable ‘friend’ Casey begins blackmailing and making threats, something has to be done. This is a fascinating, well written and chilling tale of obsessive love and amorality.

The Haunted Book by Jeremy Dyson
This is an epistolary novel from the co-writer of the deeply scary West-End show ‘Ghost Stories’. A man is bequeathed a collection of ghost stories and well nothing happens. This was an utter disappointment.
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