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The Honourable Woman 1x06 + The Walking Dead 4x10 + A Touch of Cloth III part one Reviewed

The Mother Line
Nessa and some cave beast get it on until she ends up in another appalling situation. Sir Hugh Hayden-Hoyle bothers Nessa and her cut glass accent. She is too ripe with torments, ennui, madness and crudeness to care. There is plotting, a sniffer and various despairing nihilistic intellectuals. Ephra and Nessa yell. The plot is literally incomprehensible. Nessa cries and is bombastic. Rachel bores and yells. This is not a heady stew as no-one has a moral compass and everyone is deranged. Nessa is lewd, mad, devastated and ecstatic. There are more revelations about Gaza and how Sir Hugh Hayden-Hoyle slept his way into his job. Ephra roars and Sir Hugh Hayden-Hoyle stalks his ex-wife some more. Crap.

Best Lines:
“Any comment on anything.”

“People think I’m very stupid.”

“Am I safe?”

“How long are you staying?”
“Until I leave.”

“Lie down for it.”

“Wait and see who comes to fix it.”

“I though we’d agreed to look away from that particular direction.”
“I did. I looked so far the other way I seem to have come round full circle.”

“A hero that nobody thanks.”

The scattered survivors whine in non-resilient fashion. This show’s creative ardour is naught but squandered potential. Women are shrill, people get eaten, kids wail, Carol shows up and people are unamusingly cretinous in this dull and unimaginative ep. Are TPTB hinting at partial redemption for Carol? A wounded man is abandoned. There is a mention of Terminus. Maggie is not objective but is characteristically damaged. We are meant to care about the priapic Glen. A woman with bitter regrets (or does she?) pops up.

A Touch of Cloth III (2014) Too Cloth For Comfort, part one
Is this the last ever ‘Cloth’ saga? Oldman drinks vodka out of the toilet, Jack Cloth’s never before mentioned identical twin brother Terry is murdered and Kerry Newblood (Karen Gillan of ‘Doctor Who’) shows up to be inept. Jack Cloth’s hook up with his boss Tom Boss (Julian Rhind-Tutt) seems forgotten. There are overdone black and white flashbacks, staring, mediocre jokes, a cult, melancholy, Kerry and Des have UST and a sinister guru from The Healery may be the baddie. This was okish but not as good as series 1&2.

Best Lines:
“So angry, so Scottish.”

“This tells me nothing!”
“It’s printed on the other side.”

“They’ve found a body.”
“What kind?”

“You sicken me.”

“Three separate dogging hot spots.”

“Frigid and right.”
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