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Retro Review: Lost Season 2 Eps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 15, 21 & 23

1. Man of Science, Man of Faith
Jack does doe eyed looks as the bizarre secrets of the hatch begin to be uncovered in this excellent and creepy ep. Shannon sees a vision of Walt. Flashbacks reveal Jack’s bitch ex-wife killed Shannon’s dad in the car wreck.

2. Adrift
Michael, Sawyer and Jin are adrift on the ruins of the raft. This was good. Sawyer and Michael whine. The Dharma logo shows up on a shark. Desmond is surprised. Kate finds Apollo chocolate in the hatch.

3. Orientation
Desmond runs off. Jack, Locke, Kate, Hurley and Sayid uncover more about the hatch and Dharma. There is muttering about the incident, the final protocol and Kelvin. Jin, Sawyer and Michael met Ana-Lucia. This was unsatisfying.

4. Everybody Hates Hugo
Ana-Lucia beats up Sawyer. Hurley recalls his friend Johnny and galpal Starla. Ana-Lucia and the rest of the tail section survivors live in another hatch. Bernard shows up. This was good and funny.

Best Lines:
“Guess we can all sue Oceanic together.”

“Driveshaft? More like suckshaft.”

“I thought you said there were 23 of you.”
“There were.”

5....And Found
Jack wails over his ex-wife. Kate is fickle. Jin and Mr Eko hide in the jungle as the Others walk by in a silent parade of barefoot filthy people in a very creepy scene. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Do not open the door for people like you.”

“Seoul. Is that in the good Korea or the bad one?”

6. Abandoned
Shannon gets a flashback which shows how her evil stepmother stole her inheritance, screwed up her career and left her broke. Cindy is taken by the Others. Ana-Lucia screams, berates, yells and shoots Shannon dead. Good.

8. Collision
Ana-Lucia gets a flashback that shows her troubled and angry days in the LAPD. She had a meltdown during a domestic disturbance and now she a meltdown on the island. This was okay filler.

Best Line:
“Anything I say will just make you angry, so yes. I will sit here.”

9. What Kate Did
Kate’s crime (she murdered her white trash violent father) is revealed. The marshal’s dragnet seems over-relentless in retrospect. Michael makes contact with Walt, or does he? Good.

10. The 23rd Psalm
Claire loses faith in Charlie. Mr Eko’s past is revealed. Okay.

12. Fire + Water
Charlie has dreams, kidnaps Aaron, gets beat up and has flashbacks about adult diapers and how his brother stole his piano. This was good. Charlie’s brother Liam was a self-righteous asshat tool.

13. The Long Con
Sawyer is scum and steals the guns. Good.

15. Maternity Leave
Claire recalls some of her abduction. So she, Kate and Danielle make their way to another hatch. Kate uncovers a revelation about the Others. Alex shows up. Nobody really asks who the Others are. Henry Gale stirs the pot like the raving psychopath he truly is. Good.

21. ?
Mr Eko is guided to the Pearl hatch. Libby dies. Henry Gale has run off. Goodish.

23. Live Together, Die Alone
Desmond reveals he caused the crash of Flight 815. Locke causes the destruction of the Swan hatch. Sayid, Jin and Sun see the ruins of a huge statue. Michael and Walt escape the island after handing over Jack, Kate and Sawyer to the Others. The leader of the Others is Henry Gale (whose real name wouldn’t be revealed until 3x02). This was great. Kelvin shows up in flashbacks and the phrase “the hostiles” is used.

Best Lines:
“Who are you people?”
“We’re the good guys.”
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