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Book Reviews: Death on the Nile + Casino Infernale

Death On The Nile by Agatha Christie
In this 1956 novel, the rich and horrid Linnet steals Simon from her best friend, marries him and honeymoons in Egypt In the warm darkness of an Egyptian night, someone kills her. But who? This is a good mystery with attendant sexism, racism and classicism. It is improbable that Egypt seemingly has no law enforcement considering all the defalcations going on on the cruise ship Karnak among the utterly appalling people.

Best Lines:
“Let’s go look at that big ivory crocodile you liked.”

“I wished they’d all go to bed and shut up.”

“That lying French hussy.”

“What on earth should I run about throwing things overboard for the middle of the night?”

“What a poisonous woman! Whew! Why didn’t somebody murder her?”
“It may yet happen,”

“We’ve got a homicidal maniac aboard. We ought to organise a defensive system.”

“He would probably have just bunged arsenic into her and assumed the doctor would say she’d died of gastritis.”

“I’m not really sorry about her, even now.”

“Love can be a very frightening thing.”

Casino Infernale by Simon R. Green
The latest ‘Secret Histories’ novel is a disaster as Eddie Drood and his twit girlfriend go undercover at an evil casino. This was inept, padded and has unnecessary crossovers with the ‘Nightside’ and ‘Ghost Finders’ series. There is violence, the same old jokes, big plot moments are put off for yet another book, there is a twist and a deux ex machina. This was disappointing and nothing new.

Best Lines:
“I wouldn’t piss down his throat if his lungs were on fire.”

“I like Top Gear...It makes me feel manly.”

“I regularly visit clubs where you have to evolve to a more dangerous being just to use the toilets.”

“Pan’s Panzerpeople!”

“Really horribly unpleasant ways.”

“Just to look at him was to hate him.”
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