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The Omega Factor 1x05 + Devious Maids 1x04 + True Blood 6x10 + The 100 1x05 Reviewed

Powers Of Darkness
A séance goes awry as something emanates and nothing good happens for miserable types with 70s hair. Badness incurs. Tom Crane’s brother Michael wakes up and wants Julia. Drexel’s girl Morag looms. There is casual danger dialogue by overly calm plain talkers. Narcotics are taken. The clinically rational Drexel is still dead. Drexel may have been a minion. Crane looks into Drexel’s signet ring. Silly accents are used, someone goes on fire, a girl thinks she is a witch executed by King James I and there are tirades by ham fisted cows. This was crap and nothing happens and another omega shows up.

Best Lines:
“I don’t want to know you.”

“Made taking LSD like drinking lemonade shandy.”

“We established nothing!”

“She’s a witch!”

“He’s doomed! Doomed!”

Making Your Bed
Genevieve’s brother (Richard Burgi) visits. Marisol has found smoke but needs fire. Rosie worries about Mr Spence as the Spence marriage heads for a blow up. Carmen’s music career plotline bores as her dreams get blown up due to her gutter behaviour. Zoila is ubiquitously awful. Mr Powell and Mrs Spence are vile. Marisol learns how much of a jerk Flora was and that there is a cover-up at the coroner’s office. I had no immersion in this dull episode as Zoila whines regarding her ex non-stop and Marisol is in peril.

Best Lines:
“You’re allowed to medicate.”

“Look at you, you’re emaciated.”
“You always say the sweetest things.”

“Last time I was here, you were married to Phillip.”
“That was three husbands ago.”

“Finish that sentence.”

“They’re two of the at-risk youth that we’re trying to help.”
“And you brought them into my home, delightful.”

“How are you not embarrassed right now?”

“Don’t you care about his feelings?”

Bill takes the trashy vampires to Bon Temps. Anna Paquin may have an Oscar but she can’t act. Warlow is useless even as he gives us a reminder that he is a baddie. What has been the point of him and season 6 in general? Pam broods, Bill stares, Lilith is gone, Jessica whines and the magical blood transfer wears off. Sookie needs saving, again. The Stackhouse family do nothing but take. There is a fight and we are apparently supposed to forget everything that Bill has done. Fairy godfather shows up, Warlow dies and Eric’s naked Swedish sunbathing turns out to have been a spectacularly bad idea.

Six months pass and Hep V infected vampires form into sick hungry packs and roam the countryside menacing small towns. Bill writes a book about all the crap he’s pulled. Sookie has new mancandy and wears an ugly hat. Jason still hasn’t got any from Violet. Sam is the mayor. Tara and her mother reach new depths of creepy in their co-dependant relationship. Andy still hasn’t killed Jessica. Hep V vamps led by Bruno Gunn attack. This show has been steadily deteriorating since season 1.

Best Lines:
“Meet Violet, she’s European.”


“Your friends of low birth.”

“You really are a danger whore.”

“I got him.”
“Did you?”

“I do not complete you.”

“Bill on the TV.”

Twilight’s Last Gleaming
The stupid Finn and the annoying Clarke are post-coital. Then they find Raven’s pod and she is Finn’s galpal. Bellamy engages in a threesome and sabotages Raven’s radio. Why is everyone following Bellamy? Octavia stomps away, falls over and a Grounder (Ricky Whittle) lurks like the Others from ‘Lost’. Are the Grounders vicious indigenous warriors or what? Kane plans a culling. The Chancellor is an idiot. Abby is nasty and reveals the cull plans.

To her and Kane’s surprise, people volunteer for culling to save their families. Kane turns out to have more depth than Abby thinks. A bad child actor blights this under-performing ep. Raven orders the 100 to help her signal the Ark and actually do something. Stupid speeches are made. The cull takes place and the Ark finally sees the signal.

Best Lines:
“Leave humanity in the hands of Kane? Chancellor Kane?”

“You’re a lousy shot.”

“Rocket fuel likes to go boom.”
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