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Book Reviews: A Century Of Creepy Stories, part 5 + Vampire Academy + The Moving Finger

A Century Of Creepy Stories, part 5

The Black Cat
A domestic and animal abuser rants. This was stringently terrible.

Twelve O’Clock
A dull tale of a Georgian fop.

The Amorous Ghost
People witter at each other. Grim.

Pargiton and Harby
Friends fall out or something. Dull.

The Country Of The Blind
A man finds a lost world. Not good.

The Spectre Bridegroom
A sexist tale.

Mr Tallent’s Ghost
A man fakes his death. Almost succeeds.

Best Line:
“That continual haunting of me, and the wicked driving of your unfortunate relations into asylums?”

The Black Saloon
In Peking, various expats do boring crap.

The Horns Of The Bull
Scots are Scottish. Boring.

The Man Who Came Back
A short ghost tale. Okay.

Our Feathered Friends
It’s like ‘The Birds’ as a stupid couple are done in my birds. Okay.

The Stranger
A gentleman adventurer does dumb crap.

The Yellow Cat
A gambler gets a good luck charm and then being a burk, ruins everything. Crap.

My Adventure In Norfolk
A man has the temerity to go among the turnip toffs. Yawn.

The Mysterious Mansion
A French horror tale. Good.

Best Line:
“You swore on the cross that there is no one there.”

The Stranger
The final tale is inept.

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
The 1st in the series is surprisingly good despite the exposition dumps, iffy world building and oddball mythology. Lissa and Rose are best friends. Lissa is a Moroi vampire and Rose is a dhampir. Lissa is royal and Rose is her bodyguard in training. They attend St Vladimir’s Academy where they deal with teen angst BS as well as vampire politics and plotting. Also Rose really wants to shag her trainer Dimitri while obvious villains do villain stuff. This is very good cheese like fondue. Yum. More.

Best Lines:
“I’d chucked my book at our teacher and called her a fascist bastard.”

“Looking stoic and terrifying, just as their job description required.”

“There are bad things out here. You never know what’s following you.”

“Erin had the personality of dry wall.”

“Somehow managing not to look like creepy stalker guys watching teenage girls.”

“I don’t see you buying slutty tops.”
“I’m not the one who wears them.”
“Thanks a lot.”

“You should have stayed dead.”

“I was speechless, which he seemed to like.”

The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie
In this 1943 novel, a wounded man and his sister move to the small town of Lymstock so he can convalesce from his injuries. But Lymstock isn’t as peaceful as they think. Anonymous letters and a mysterious death disrupt the green and pleasant land. What is going on amid the tranquillity of Lymstock? Nobody knows so a local biddy calls in her friend Miss Marple to help. This was a good mystery. It would have been even better had Miss Marple not been in it.

Best Lines:
“Everyone says “her father” and drops their voice, and that is that. What did the man do?”

“What pleasure can anyone get out of it?”
“Nothing you and I can understand, thank goodness.”

“You painted trollop.”

“It’s full of festering poison, this place.”
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