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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 Issue #5 Reviewed

New Rules, Part 5
Co-written by Nicholas Brendon. Maoker is back as is Anya’s ghost. How is Willow flying? Since when does Giles do such flashy magic? Why is Giles cracking videogame jokes instead of pondering on being brought back from the dead? Why do they let Dracula just walk away? D’Hoffryn shows up to annoy. Buffy’s haircut is fugly. Dawn and Xander break up. Buffy and Spike bond. This was okay. But has much room for improvement.

Best Lines:
You look marginally less like a drooling idiot than you did five minutes ago.”

“Giant vampire coming right at us!”

“I am experiencing physical withdrawal after a few hours away from Pimp Slap IV.”

“Been almost two hours since I stabbed anything.”

“You have an unmatched opportunity to chart the course of the future......or bring untold disaster upon us all.”
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