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Hannibal 2x13 + Continuum (2012 - 2015) 2x01 - 2x03 + Nikita 4x03 Reviewed

This has wayward sexuality and concealed darkness yet not is not a beautifully structured season finale. Jack is aloof and impersonal as ever. Reticent Will is no more, he is all caustic swipes. This goes badly for him. Alana’s cloying and reverential deference to Lecter falls away too late. The all encompassing doom and unpleasantness could have been avoided if people weren’t so stupid. The gore for which this show is dubiously renowned flies. This was not emotionally raw and was full of prosaic refrains, mangrip, unforeseen consequences, no moral responsibilities, pained women and crassness.

Hannibal realises Will and his intensely projected fury is lying to him. The FBI is ever useless, stubbornly dim, affected and dangerous as the irritating, coarse and philistine internal affairs woman (Cynthia Nixon) stymies Lecter’s arrest. Bella (Gina Torres) shows up to gasp and be useless. Why didn’t the pathetically needy Bella tell on Hannibal? Freddie is trash and the Abigail obsessions of everyone gets a new twist. The appalling Abigail isn’t dead cue moral exhaustion as Hannibal kills her to teach Will a lesson and then tries to kill him. Hannibal shouldn’t have let Will see the real him.

This was a vapidly dull episode of blundering crassness and filmed like an arty aftershave ad. Everyone is a grudging, penurious screw up. So Jack, Will and Alana are left dying or dead. Hannibal flies off with Dr Bedelia who was fallacious, louche and squalid all along. This was utterly stupid.

Best Lines:
“He’ll try to kill you in the kitchen. For connivance. Make it easier to prepare the tartar.”

“He’s comes running but not to help.”

“My palace is vast even by medieval standards.”

“You saw what no-one else could.”

“At a certain point self defence stops. Will Graham didn’t stop.”

Second Chances
The time travel ratchets up as the end game is as mystifying as ever. In 2077 Kiera has nightmares or are they? Back in the ‘present’, Liber8 undergo regime change as they act like violent, aggressive, propriety psychos. Alec gets a new home, new roommates and a new job - he is still a jerk. Is the future being changed? Do I care? There is an assassination. Dillon smugs. Gardiner (Nicholas Lea) is generously annoying. The show seems redirected and not in a good way. I was more entertained watching that old ‘Night Sins’ miniseries. Corrupt cad Martin (Tahmoh Penkett) shows up to annoy. There are prison chats, Kiera gives Alec a piece of the time travel device that looks like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange and 2077 Alec is up to something. Also in 2077, Batman is unknown. This was terrible.

Best Lines:
“Then run.”

“I don’t understand.”
“I can see that.”

Split Second
Flashbacks to the future show how Sonya was the doctor who made Travis into a super solider and then fell in love with him. In the ‘present’ Kiera blathers about the path of destiny. The corporations are in power already or something. Liber8 whine like Tumblr fan girls. Gardiner bores. Julian is in prison and is utterly unrepentant. Kellog and Alec bond once Alec overcomes his reluctance. Carlos still doesn’t know.

Some of Liber8 stage a prison break for Travis via some bad CGI. This ep needed rearranging, editing and polishing. There was no creative content present as this ep was neither practical nor realistic. Gardiner is the bete noire. There is a police mole. I am deterred from caring. There is excessive swearing as the sinister and dystopian future comes closer. Nobody is affable. Liber8 continue to be whiny, pouty cows. This was contrived crap.

Best Line:
“Terminate means terminate.”

“Worse things could happen.”

“Printer jams, how novel.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”
“You would.”

“You gonna wanna be prepared for the changes that are coming.”

“You’re never going back to what you left behind.”

Second Thoughts
There is mistrust all round. In 2077 Kiera has issues with her junkie sister Hannah who simply dismisses her. In the ‘present’, Sonya allies with gangs and then she doesn’t. She’s obnoxious without any public propriety or shame. The rambling Jason returns babbling about free-lancing time travellers. Alec is a wimp. Kiera is a doomsayer. This show is stagnant. Liber8 sell the future drug Flash (which killed Hannah) and pull unfunny facial expressions. Big Pharma conspiracies are trotted out.

Alec’s mother supports Julian. A bad situation is made worse as the fragile, bitter and inexact Kiera roundly condemns Flash. This ep was fraught and murky and not poignant. The war of attrition against Liber8 bores. Alec enjoys frivolity, Dillon is fastidious and hostile acts are perpetrated. Then Alec learns something and Liber8 rip-off ‘Warriors’. This was crap.

Best Lines:
“I used the google.”

“You have the morals of a sea slug.”

“Ensure our fight outlives us.”

Alex is in a CIA safe house facing rendition. Owen’s whining bores. Nikita is selfish and oblivious. Ryan is a goob and Birkhoff has secrets. Peller, an NSA big wig (Judd Nelson) has been doubled. Also he is Birkhoff’s father. The gang try to help the tool daddy as Amanda’s surgically altered face gets some unnecessary close-ups. Birkhoff whose real name is Lionel Peller has issues. Nikita is awful and real tool daddy Peller faces peril. This was good.

Best Line:
“What’s with the conspiracy voice?”
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