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Retro Review: Lost 2x19 & 2x20

Jack wants to trade Henry Gale to the Others for Walt. Rose and Bernard have flashbacks. Bernard wants to build a giant SOS symbol. Henry manipulates Locke. Only the Henry plotline is interesting.

Best Lines:
“No food. No water. Nothing to say.”

“Since you are one of them.”

Two For The Road
Henry tries to strangle Ana-Lucia. What did he have against her? Ana-Lucia has flashbacks. Henry is tied up and full of tranquil fury as he lies some more. Michael has returned and lies about the Others. Henry lies to Ana-Lucia who plans to kill him. Michael kills Ana-Lucia and mortally wounds Libby. Only the Henry bits are interesting.

Best Lines:
“I forgive you for hitting me with your crutch. I’m so glad my head didn’t break it.”

“Now that’s a broad question.”

“A day later, I saw one.”

“Dirty, worn clothes, no shoes, simple. Just like the rest of them.”

“They live in tents.”
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