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Book Review: A Century Of Creepy Stories, part 3

“A Recluse”
A man goes to a house. Yawn.

Two Trifles
Ethereal traffic and right of way are discussed by ghosts. Not bad.

The Mortal
Ghosts speaking Ye Olde Butchered English haint. Ugh.

The Smile Of Karen
A young bride is fought over. Too long and boring.

Best Line:
“Love her a little less.”

“John Gladwin Says…”
Nothing happens.

The Hanging Of Alfred Wedham
A priest tells a story of a miscarriage of justice. Okay.

Best Lines:
“It’s a terribly dangerous thing to attempt to get into communication with the dead,”

“You told me no decent man would consort with me.”

As In A Glass Dimly
A tale of Egyptology and photography. Okay.

The Hospital Nurse
A nurse blackmails her employees. Things go badly. Okay.

The Lord-In-Waiting
Almost Lovecraft like only not good.

A Considerable Murder
A yawner.

The Lonely Voice
A dull tale of murder or something.

The Playfellow
A woman likes the family abode. Time travel takes place. Boring.

“God Grante That She Lye Stille”
A mysterious grave and a case of possession. Okay.

The Corner Shop
A dull tale of a haunting.

Shall We Join The Ladies?
Presented as one act of a play. This is a creepy excellent murder mystery.
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