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Book Review: A Century Of Creepy Stories, part 2

Mrs Lunt
Another sexist tale of a ghastly dead wife coming back to haunt various men with psychosexual issues. Bad.

Best Lines:
“Queer things happen there.”

“She shouldn’t have irritated me as she did - she knew what my temper was.”

The Islington Mystery
Did a man murder his wife? This was okay but is yet another sexist case of a shrew wife ruining a man’s fun and getting got.

The Cosy Room
A man runs from the law after a murder. Dull.

Opening The Door
A missing man goes somewhere weird. Weird.

Munitions Of War
A silly ghost tale.

The Red Turret
A Canadian couple visit their family’s ancestral home and ridiculous events unfold.

When Glister Walked
A dudebro in British North Borneo has an adventure whilst being racist and sexist.

Si Urag Of The Tail
The racist and sexist dudebro has another adventure this time involving a man eating flower. Ridiculous.

The Great White Fear
I’m not entirely sure what this sexist tosh was about.

Sexist burks tell a tale of love triangle and revenge. Icky.

The Apple Tree
Another racist tale of a haunted bride. Dull.

A man kills someone or something. Terrible.

The Cat Jumps
A couple buy a house where a horrific murder too place. Things happen. Unclear things.

A long boring story about nothing in particular.
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