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Book Reviews: Summoning The Night + A Century Of Creepy Stories, part 1

Summoning The Night by Jenn Bennett
The 2nd in the ‘Arcadia Bell’ series is a crashing disappointment after ‘Kindling The Moon’. It does not emulate the quality of Book 1. This is a lame tale of Halloween, a long uncaught serial killer, demons, blackmail, tawdry sex and a really annoying whiny teenage boy. This book resists all efforts to impress and is an unpleasant reminder of the ‘Anita Blake’ series. This was inane.

A Century Of Creepy Stories, part 1
There is no editor listed for this 1934 anthology.

The Snow
A horrible second wife is haunted by her predecessor. Dull.

The Tarn
A nasty man kills a rival and doesn’t live to regret it. Overdone.

A Little Ghost
A man with a whole host of psychosexual issues goes to a friend’s house for a holiday and encounters a ghost. Okay.

Best Line:
“Jack was out shooting something, but would soon be back.”
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