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Person Of Interest 2x12 - 2x15 + The Honourable Woman 1x04 Reviewed

Prisoner’s Dilemma
Reese and three other men are held as unlawful combatants. Carter interrogates them as Donnelly continues his inadvertent and unconscious sublimation by insanity. Also Fusco protects an underwear model. Flashbacks to 2007, 2009 and 2010 show Reese and Stanton’s ill fated CIA partnership as they shoot people a lot.

The other three men arrested with Reese are mercenaries. Reese runs into people he put in Rikers including the inevitable Elias the rubbish gangster. Reese calls Finch “a good man”. Finch and Carter’s plan to free Reese keeps going wrong. Reese talks a lot. There is a prison yard fight. Finch picks up an assault rifle. There is stupidity and Donnelly gets fait accompli. This was okay and with a cliff-hanger.

Best Lines:
“The incomplete footprint of a man who doesn’t exist.”

“We are killers John. That is our job.”

“There’s another player at the table.”

“I don’t trust anyone any more.”

“You choose this life remember?”

“A highly trained murderer.”

Dead Reckoning
Stanton shows up to continue her bitter dispute with the CIA. Donnelly is dead and Stanton has Reese and Snow to be her minions. She has a ridiculous plan to do something nefarious. My repeated complaint about this show is the padding and nuisance characters. Carter is long suffering, Fusco wears too much corduroy and why is the machine so highly restrictive? Why only NY numbers? Donnelly’s murder isn’t investigated with prompt, through and effective policing.

Stanton isn’t a big bad more of a dull roar. Flashbacks to 2010 show how she survived the missile in China and got a new boss. The flashbacks are so blue tinged it annoys. Stanton, Snow and Reese sneer at each other. Carter makes logic jumps. Stanton is wretched and this episode is a vituperative indictment of her uselessness. This show had the potential to achieve great things; it has yet to do that as TPTB stifle all promise.

Snow and Reese storm a DOD site where weaponized malware and cyber warfare is made. Stanton continues to be a vile, cowardly, hypocritical, tryannic, mean, selfish, jealous, revengeful twit without a single countervailing quality. This ep was not fulfilling and was inexplicably dull and forfeited my regard. Stanton wants to know who sold the laptop to China. Snow is odious and detestable. Stanton has an aversion to sense and does something. Reese can’t do ‘petrified’ or ‘distant’. Snow does everyone a favour and gets Stanton. So those two blights exit the show.

Best Lines:
“Dead? I wasn’t very good at it.”

“I’m sure they’ll object to that.”

“You work for the old gods, Kara, and they betrayed you.”

One Percent
A self made billionaire, Logan Pierce, has a genius IQ and created a social network site. All his friends hate him. Does this remind you of anything? Logan Pierce is a recidivist ass and likes to torment people and is truculent, difficult, awkward and has vulgar habits and a notorious contempt for rules. Flashbacks to 2001 show Finch and Nathan (Brett Cullen) doing something. Pierce treats everyone with the greatest indignity possible and is obstinate and sorely tries the duo as they try to save his life. Pierce just acts with more contempt and callousness and is a tremendous unrelenting ass. Fusco will never regain Carter’s respect. I was discontented with this ep as it was tedious and pernicious. Pierce repays the duo by trying to locate them.

Best Lines:
“Changes phones twice a day to avoid corporate espionage.”

“You’re both looking rich.”

“Remedy faster, Sherlock.”

Booked Solid
Finch and Reese go undercover at a hotel and their boss is a sneering, rude and aggressive bully. Finch the bellhop spies and Reese is a concierge. Zoë shows up for no reason. The bully boss runs hos on the side. The heavy gets out of Rikers and lumbers after Reese. A maid is in peril. This ep had a deleterious effect and induced only insolent contempt as it was wretched. Carter exculpates herself in an FBI polygraph and learns something about her boyfriend. Reese has to fend off a hit squad. Reese stabs someone and shows mercy. Root resurfaces in an unexpected place.

Best Lines:
“Could you try not to get fired?”

“Who would send a hit squad with military training to kill a hotel maid?”

The Ribbon Cutter
This entire episode is a flashback to eight years ago. Oh the timing of this show’s airing. Ephra is the front for the Stein Industry change that Nessa came up with. The security services mumble and are the shriekers at the gates. Nessa goes to the West Bank and meets Atika the translator. They bond over Nessa trying to game the system. Nessa is still a dislikeable flake. Nessa stumbles over a case of missing money and unwittingly reveals Ephra’s involvement in secret dark matters. The sneering and superior Nessa is sneaked into Gaza via a tunnel by Atika. Their good intentions get them abducted. The USA, UK and Israeli governments won’t help. Ephra tries to play the heavy and fails. Julia a snotty security services agent sneers. Ephra is a slovenly idiot and how Nessa came to replace him as the face of the Stein Foundation is revealed. Nessa is subjected to sexual violence, Atika burns the attacker and Nessa is forced to have the child as the price for her freedom. So Nessa is Kasim’s mother. The whole thing turns out to be part of a complicated plot laid by the man who ordered her father’s assassination. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“We lost a lot of friends.”

“He has lost all credibility. Every bloody ounce of it.”

“You read spreadsheets?”

“We cannot be compromised Ephra! Ever!”

“From here we can leave.”

“It’s a message. Run along and give it.”

“No matter how it was created.”

“We will find out where she is and we will bomb it.”

“You are the one who put her there.”
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