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Book Review: A Pocket Full Of Rye

A Pocket Full Of Rye by Agatha Christie
In this 1953 novel financier Rex Fortescue is poisoned and the trail leads to his mooching family. There are more murders, a connection to a nursery rhyme and a twisted murderer who reached too high and was foiled by Miss Marple assessing the situation. This was one of Christie’s lesser efforts compounded by the fact that the more you think about it the less sense the murderer’s grand plan and motives make. Rank this down there with ‘A Caribbean Mystery’, ‘Death in the Clouds’, ‘Dumb Witness’, ‘4:50 From Paddington’, ‘The Hound of Death’, ‘The Mirror Cracked From Side To Side’, ‘The Pale Horse’, ‘Peril At End House’, ‘Sparkling Cyanide’ and ‘They Do It With Mirrors’.

Best Lines:
“Besotted about that awful creature.”

“Your father got himself murdered yesterday, the house is full of police poking everywhere, grubbing in the dustbins even.”

“Godless doings,”

“A sunk orchid-pink porcelain bath.”

“If you know liars are liars, it comes to the same thing.”

“She hasn’t been messing about with marmalade pots or putting cyanide in the drawing-room afternoon tea.”

“He doesn’t really want us here, does he?”

“Freddy wasn’t - well, wasn’t always straight.”

“General Paralysis of the Insane.”

“Lance advanced towards his brother who retreated rapidly, around the end of the desk.”

“I do so often seem to get mixed up in the things that are really no concern of mine. Crimes I mean, and peculiar happenings.”
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