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‘Hannibal’ 2x13 promo

Best Lines:
“Will you do what needs to be done?”
“Oh yes.”

‘Super Gran’ opening credits
This 1980s TV show sees a Scottish granny turn into a superhero like Mr T. I think it was meant to be funny.

‘Super Ted’ opening credits
A teddy bear is brought to life by an alien’s magic dust and Mother Nature. WTF?

I am reading ‘Summoning The Night’.

‘Neighbours’ Quotes:
“You brought this toxic woman into our lives.”

“It’s your dysfunctional family not mine.”

“You managed to get my wife to leave town.”

“She’s been wrong for a very long time.”

“What sort of person hires a pretend stalker?!”

“She can’t go through life being so unaccountable.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“She’s a fat lesbian whore.”

“A crazy crazy bitch.”

“Nine peace orders.”

“Have you called her slut, lesbian, whore, bitch, gold-digger, liar and alcoholic?”

“Bitch you are DIVORCED. They are not your in-laws.”

“You hang on with real desperation sometimes.”

“It’s totally inappropriate for you to interject.”

‘Summoning The Night’ Quotes:
“My parents turned out to be evil, power-hungry serial killers, so what did they know?”

“This looks like the kind of place where you get stabbed and left for dead.”

“No ominous old shed back there. No John Wayne Gacy crawlspace under the house.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Patrick exerts control over Maxine by forcing her to eat their entire wedding cake as punishment for breaking one of his arbitrary commandments. She pukes. Patrick’s belligerence only increases. No-one besides Blessing and Dennis seem to notice what is going on. Patrick controls Maxine with a pathological eye for detail and heaps misuse, cruelty and humiliation on her and tells her he finds her distasteful while presenting her to the public as a disordered foolish ignorant slapper and himself as aggrieved. Maxine is alone and dejected and desperate. Patrick’s oppressive curtailment will only grow if they marry. Why can no-one see her abject terror? Patrick will never stop getting angry at Maxine and calling her stupid and quarrelsome. Where is Mitzeee? Why does no-one notice that the once bubbly and loud mouth Maxine now never leaves the flat and is a shadow of her former self? Also Sam plans to take Peri away as Leela and Cameron want to be parents. Ste tries to regain Tony’s respect.
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