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Night Games
Army war games go awry or something. My interest in this show is now tangential. Crane is wondering if Department 7 are investigating weirdness or just protecting structures. But the show gives poor return as it is ineptly written and the plot is scarcely graspable. Anne is tempestuous and hag-ridden as she and Crane look into noise and mad dogs. Crane’s brother Michael is in peril and ends up in “a hysterical fugue.”

Is Michael psychic too? Was he having an affair with Julia? Anne blathers about the stone tape hypothesis and high frequency experimentation and Army live fire exercises. Crane is menaced and he rants about Drexel mind controlling people through a girl named Morag. I have no idea what he’s talking about. Anne smokes and goes on about the Hopi. Crowd control experiments in Vietnam and Northern Ireland are mentioned. Crane is convinced that Drexel has mind controlled puppets everywhere. This leads to foam flecked rage and Crane infiltrating an army base. Brainwashing is mentioned as is ESP and a possible spy in Department 7. This was mediocre.

Best Lines:
“Nuts and cranks.”

“At night? Not a chance of that mister.”

“He was lucky to be found.”

“My brother is lying in a clinic raving like a lunatic.”

“What help have I been given? None!”

“A chain of controlled minds.”

Earth Kills
Flashbacks to a year beforehand show Clarke’s father Jake meeting his fate. In the present Jasper is dying and the 100 (down some more) mock him. The 100 are a pack of ungrateful lunatics who engage in knobbing and disparaging while being glacially cold. Clarke yaps to Charlotte who can’t act. Killer mist strikes. Octavia is stupid and her brother shouts invective. Wells, Finn and Clarke go on a seaweed quest. They find a long abounded car. Clarke will not shut up about her dead dad. But finally after a lot of gushing anecdotes she realises who really informed on Jake and it wasn’t Wells. This was dull and has about as much depth as ‘The Ex & the Why’. Oh and Charlotte’s a psycho. Yawn.

Best Lines:
“Just die already.”

“Power hungry self-serving jackass.”

“Promise me.”
“I can’t.”

“This is Earth, everything’s toxic.”

“Weakness is death here.”

Setting The Table
Carmen swims naked in her Ricky Martin like boss’ pool. She regards this gutter behaviour as her right. Marisol’s son is in jail suspected of Flora’s murder. Valentina wants Remi. Rosie learns her vile actress boss is cheating on her husband. Carmen is trash and hides naked in a piano. Marisol bends over stuff. Mr Powell is a creeper and burns Flora‘s note from 1x01. Zoila humiliates Valentina. This was dull and mediocre.

Best Lines:
“She says things like that.”

“Do you hate me?”
“Would it matter?”

“You seem like nice people.”
“No we don’t.”

“You’re wearing your smug smile.”

“You guys know how to pull off poverty. I don’t.”

“I was made to own nice things. Not clean them.”

“Either grab a rag or shut up!”

“Do they know you scrub his toilet?”

“You know how hot you are?”
“I do.”

Dead Meat
Sookie asks Warlow to do stuff for Bill. Jason is Violet’s locum blood whore. Warlow the big bad sits on his ass yapping. Werewolves fight. Sam bores. Steve Newlin bores even as he runs in a giant hamster wheel. Sookie is selfish and irresponsible, but that is a continuous thing for her. Eric and Bill have personal animus. Jessica is an incontrovertible slut who disregards Jason just like she did poor Hoyt. Violet likes her acquisition. Bill exasperates and is scathing. Sam and the pregnant Nicole declare their love. Sookie still pontificates and has an unhealthy attitude and steels herself for disappointment. There is a mention of how the books ended. Sam devastatingly rejects Sookie. Portia pops up. Sookie curses out her dead parents. There is a fight. Sarah murders someone. Eric attacks Andy’s surviving daughter. Everyone on this show should die. This was bad.

Best Lines:
“I’m talking badass medieval times Catholicism.”

“The hippie vamp.”

“You don’t drink.”
“I do now.”

“I would seriously love for this to stop.”

I caught up with this episode. The Navy SEAL shows up to place undue stress on the Jennings by hunting them. A rotary phone leads to doom. There is mention of the ISI and Afghan Tribal Regions. Gaad is smug and Elizabeth breaks out a new wig. Philip sets up a honeytrap. Paige wants to go to Fellowship Camp. The FBI looks into the family murder. The Stan/Nina/Oleg plot drags on. Elizabeth alienates Paige some more. A child has a hideous glow-worm toy. Elizabeth thinks her children are spoilt and ungrateful. Elizabeth kills a guy in a pool. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Swedish intelligence needs you.”

“That’s like, soon.”

“She comes home a Jesus freak.”

“You did some good today.”

“You can’t stop me.”
“Watch me.”

“You’re a pimp! You turned me out! God I hate you!”


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