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Book Review: Night Terrors

Night Terrors by Tim Waggoner
Book 1 of the ‘Shadow Watch’ series from the author of the rather crappy ‘Nekropolis’ novels. Audra is an agent of the Shadow Watch; she polices dreams and nightmares alongside her partner Jinx. He is a psychotic clown born out of Audra’s childhood nightmares and they’re bound for life. No wonder Audra has drug addiction issues. Also a plot is underway to unleash the maelstrom and BTW this is a comedy. There are dreams and nightmares made flesh, the Land Of Nod, amusing injuries, chapters of exposition, plot twists that aren’t and villains with movie villain syndrome. This is an oddly entertaining read.

Best Lines:
“The next move you make will be your last, clown oppressor!”

“You Bet Your Genitals, 3000 Proof Alcohol, Jangles, Adrenalynn’s, Live Necrophilia.”

“The souvenirs ranged from the charming dead-rat-on-a-stick to the unsettling death-scream-in-a-jar.”

“The cotton candy was pink fiberglass insulation wrapped in gleaming barbed wire.”
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