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Book Review: Bride of Death

Bride Of Death by T.A. Pratt
The latest ‘Marla Mason’ novel sees the sorcerer turned part time Death goddess decides to atone for her terrible behaviour. So she goes out on a road trip, with the living severed head of an enemy as her guide, to wander the earth, fight evil and help the helpless. She comes around cultists, things in the earth, meth heads, murderers and Lovecraftian horrors as she attempts to do better. This was good, the call-backs to previous books and set up for future books is intriguing.

Best Lines:
“I assume I don’t dress up in a latex Grim Reaper outfit and chase people with a spectral scythe.”

“My ethic heritage is white trash. Of course I can ride a motorcycle.”

“These big square stackable bottles people buy in bulk in case there’s an earthquake or civilization collapses, so they won’t get dehydrated while they cower in their homes and wait for the skin-eating mutants to come devour them.”

“Pretty articulately for an ancient chthonic horror.”

“I’ve been in cleaner crackhouses.”

“It came from beyond the back of the stars.”

“They look like they’re preparing to re-enact some sort of violent peasant uprising.”
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